HOLLYWOOD HILLS— An “Endangered Missing Advisory” was released by the Los Angeles Police Department for Anna Dovgalevsky, 93, who is missing and was last seen on Friday, March 10.

Dovgalevsky was last seen around 7:05 a.m., at Selma Avenue and Courtney Avenue in a stolen vehicle described as a 2014 Lexus ES350, gray and with the license plate of 7FOY090. Dovgalevsky is considered to be a non-verbal and non-ambulatory passenger in this stolen vehicle, the LAPD release states.

Dovgalesky stands five foot, three inches, is 100 pounds and has brown hair. She is believed to be wearing a white hat, gray scarf, gray sweater, black pants and gray shoes.

If you have seen or know about the wearabouts of Dovgalevsky, please call 911 immediately.