UNITED STATES—Well members of Congress acted last week to approve a third rescue package to help Americans hit the hardest by the Coronavirus pandemic. This pandemic has changed the economy and the world as we know it. I will admit I am so tired of hearing people act like the pandemic has NOT hurt a vast majority of America. Some members of Congress need to open their eyes, because a lot of them were NOT directly impacted by the pandemic. They didn’t lose their livelihood like most Americans.

I always thought how great it would be if the members of Congress got directly hit by the pandemic where THEY DID NOT COLLECT a paycheck, how would they react? Would it drive them to be more active in trying to collaborate with the opposing side and how quickly they would work to make bipartisanship a thing of the present, not the past or future?

With that said a vast majority of Americans will see an extra $1400 in their bank account or headed to their mailbox in the coming weeks. So what is your plan with that unexpected income? That $1400 is more than the $1200 most Americans received in April and May of 2020, more than the $600 recently received in January and February of 2020. So in total most Americans on the low end earned $3200. Those with dependents saw even more, so it begs the question did you save, did you spend or did you eliminate debt? Whenever free money comes your way that you did not expect, your mind goes to a million places.

I can do this, I can do that, I can buy this, I can buy that the list goes on and on. Well I can tell you what I did with the money I received from the first two draws: paid of bills and placed money into my savings account. The pandemic taught me all about unpredictability. And as a result, I don’t want to ever be placed in that situation where I don’t know if I’m going to have a job and what I’m going to do if I lose my job and don’t have any income coming in. You need to save for a rainy day because this pandemic proved it can happen to ANYONE at any given time.

I am going to take $100 from this next draw that I’m going to receive and spend it on myself. I’m not about to take this extra money and go purchase something super expensive and not think about the future? Yes, businesses are starting to reopen, but the economy is NOT about to bounce back overnight and why some Republicans seem to think that I don’t know. Most Americans got $1200 in 2020, in 2021 in less than 3 months many are already seeing $2k or more based on your number of dependents.

Businesses CLOSED permanently; they’re not coming back, this pandemic blew up this economy it didn’t cause smoke, it light a flame and bombs exploded left and right people. Hell it might take years before we see things return to any level of normalcy if that is even possible. However, every little bit helps. I don’t see this as a sign of socialism, I see it as the American government doing what it should do to help its citizens during an unprecedented time never seen before in this country, well not since the Great Depression and that was nearly a century ago.