BEVERLY HILLS —On Saturday, April 16, Beverly Hills, West Los Angeles and Hollywood Hills residents woke up to anti-semitic propaganda flyers at their doorsteps. This large-scale distribution of flyers occurred the day after the first Passover seder. 

Residents in a northern end neighborhood of Beverly Hills began noticing the flyers – which propagated the statement “Every single aspect of the Ukraine-Russian War is Jewish,” followed by a list of government officials –  around 7 a.m. Saturday, the Los Angeles Times reported. By Saturday afternoon, the Beverly Hills Police Department canvassed the area and collected hundreds of flyers from homes. 

The Los Angeles Police Department confirmed that similar flyers were found in West Los Angeles and Hollywood. Beverly Hills Police Sgt. Ryan Dolan noted that there was no direct threat written in the flyers. 

Each flyer was enclosed in plastic sandwich bags with rice to weigh them down. Authorities suggest that the use of rice was so that they could be thrown from a car. 

This is the third time in five months that anti-semitic flyers have landed on the front lawns of residents houses in the region. Last November and December, flyers that advertised, “Every Single Aspect of the COVID Agenda Is Jewish,” followed by the names of several federal health and corporate officials that are Jewish, were distributed at Beverly Hills and Pasadena homes. The incident on November 28, 2021 occurred the night after Hanukkah began. 

For the third time, Beverly Hills Mayor Lili Bosse took to social media to condemn this newest anti-semitic attack:

“This was sent to me from a resident who woke up to this antisemitism at their front door along with other streets in our city and Los Angeles. During Passover and Easter weekend. Hate will NEVER Win.”

Twitter post condemning the attack from Beverly Hills Mayor Lili Bosse.

Back in December, Mayor Bosse expressed her outrage on Twitter:

“Once again, words of Jew hatred were dropped on the sidewalks of our city,” she said on Twitter. “As we have fought for ‘Never Again,’ I am sickened to see once again this despicable act occur in front of our homes,” Bosse added.

Beverly Hills Mayor Lili Bosse used Twitter to condemn the attack in December 2021

Authorities have not determined if the incidents are connected. An investigation is underway by the BHPD to uncover the individual(s) or hate group involved. 

The language of these propaganda flyers closely resemble rhetoric shared by the white-supremacist group “The Daily Stormer Book Club.”

The Daily Stormer Book Club flyers.

“The Daily Stormer Book Club” has been an active Neo-Nazi group in Los Angeles and throughout the nation since July 2013 and are known for their trolling campaigns, The Anti Defamation League reports. They distribute flyers that contain messages that often blame Jews for political and economic turmoil. Whether “The Daily Stormer Book Club” is the perpetrator is unknown at this time as the investigation is on-going. 

The BHPD is investigating and attempting to identify the people behind Saturday’s flyers. Anyone with information about the incident is asked to call the police at (310) 550-4951. Tipsters who would like to remain anonymous can call Crime Stoppers at (800) 222-TIPS (800) 222-8477.