HOLLYWOOD HILLS—A man who worked as a manager for a Hollywood apartment complex is suing his former employer for retaliation, alleging he was terminated for exposing the landlord as the person behind a sex trafficking operation on Thursday, April 2.

Jarrie Grimmett’s suit against the Artiste Apartments located on Cherokee Avenue indicates that he was wrongfully terminated for repeatedly complaining to his supervisor about “dangerous and illegal activities” that took place at the property. Grimmett is also seeking unspecified damages for racial and sexual orientation discrimination, he allegedly endured while employed at the establishment.

According to legal documents, the building owner was aware that prostitution was taking place on the premises and not only permitted such illegal activity, but actively recruited addicts who were enduring alcohol and drug rehabilitation while operating a sex trafficking operation from his properties.

During Grimmett’s employment, his boss made discriminatory and harassing remarks about other workers at the Artiste Apartments. He referred to the calling company accountant, as a homosexual pejorative, an African American worker as “the fat black woman” and another worker as “the dumb Asian bitch.” Grimmett states that the comments were offensive to him since he is African American and gay.

Before Grimmett’s termination, officials found pounds of marijuana, cocaine and other illegal substances on the property that were in a tenant’s possession. He urged his supervisor to evict the tenant, but the tenant refused and informed Grimmett that he regularly purchased drugs from that tenant in exchange for rent.

Throughout his employment, Grimmett often complained of the unsafe and hazardous conditions the employees endured at the establishment. The roof at the employee break room was caving in, they had to use old and defective equipment and worked in other unsanitary working conditions which included a rat infestation. The infestation made its way into his office and other locations throughout the building.

He alleges that instead of taking the appropriate action to correct the conditions, his supervisor laughed and said the  employees were “weak and were rats as well.”

Grimmett was fired about a week after making his final complaint. He was told he was not a good fit for the company. According to the lawsuit, his final paycheck was invalid because it was lacking an appropriate signature by an authorized person.