UNITED STATES—Some people may have felt a wave of hypocrisy surging through parts of our nation lately. I can understand why some of us have personally felt turbulent emotions or just plain tired. There are people who have demonstrated their support for social distancing, for example, then recently show they clearly don’t. We also want Covid-19 cases to decrease, but now we’re reopening places and activities that still could probably wait.

Weeks ago, during tighter closures, certain businesses were reprimanded for staying open because they chose to survive. Fast forward to present day, hundreds of protesters have ignored social distancing. Police officers have also not appeared to strictly enforce it during protests. So, how much do we still care about these safety measures? Are we still even aware that we are in a pandemic?

The year is now halfway complete. Even after only six months it has felt so full. For a while, the pandemic took center stage. Now, it must share that spotlight with other history-shaking moments such as the civil unrest across the nation. I admit, with so many things to “look at” right now, for a few seconds I do forget about the pandemic.

However, it is still here. Let’s not forget that. I can see why some people may find themselves in a daily state of confusion and frustration. “Who or what do I believe in now?” has probably become a common question either unspoken or shared among us.

There is a non-stop, significant number of events happening in the world today, both uplifting and disheartening, but that isn’t new. It’s life. Even after everything we have seen and heard, it does not have to be confusing nor complicated. Pandemic or not, what we are experiencing is simply what it is.

I believe, in order to stop this daily state of confusion and frustration, we need to remember to live one day at a time. We have made it this far. Why not keep going?