PHOENIX, ARIZ—The owner of the NFL’s Arizona Cardinals Michael Bidwill is facing scrutiny after a bombshell report was released on Wednesday, November 1 detailing his volatile temper and other accusations which potentially might lead to him being forced to sell the franchise.

ESPN posted an article on Wednesday ripping into Michael Bidwill’s leadership style. This is already the second time this subject has been covered this season. The post revealed that Michael Bidwill “unleashed a profanity-laced tirade” at Cardinals executive vice president Ron Minegar for a drunk driving incident in 2019.

This is just one complaint in a recent string that have become unearthed as more of the organizational culture of the Arizona Cardinals is unveiled by various former players and employees.

Several inside sources say Michael Bidwill has fostered an environment that employees describe as “abusive and intimidating, in part due to a fear of the owner’s unpredictable tirades.”

Over the past decade several owners have been ousted for inappropriate behavior, resulting in not only selling the franchise, but leaving a stain on the legacy and on the family’s name.

This follows on the heels of Washington Commanders owner Dan Snyder being forced by the NFL to sell the team, with allegations including sexual harassment, threats, and a litany of other charges the NFL deemed credible.

Further evidence supporting these charges come from a NFLPA Report which ranked them overall the 2nd worst team in providing accommodations for its players. The Arizona Cardinals received an F or lower for five of the eight metrics that the NFLPA measured (treatment of families, food service, weight room, training room, and locker room).

In April, Terry McDonough, the team’s former vice president of player personnel, filed an arbitration complaint that accused the team and owner of gross misconduct. These allegations included discrimination and harassment, among other allegations.

It paints a picture of a dysfunctional organization, run by an angry boss who lashes out at everyone around with his tirades. Such hostile conduct on the part of Bidwill created an environment of fear for minority employees, according to several former staff members.

In 2018, former executive Terry McDonough and then head coach Steve Wilks alleged that they were forced to use burner phones to communicate with General Manager Steve Keim. At the time, Keim was suspended from any team activities.

The NFL can fine, suspend or even force Bidwill to sell the franchise if these transgressions are proven to be true.⁰

The Arizona Cardinals are in a nosedive this current 2023 season with a record of 1-8.