SANTA MONICA—An armed male suspect described to be in his late 30s was taken into custody after hours of barricading himself behind a dumpster alley on 1800 block of Santa Monica Boulevard on Friday, September 20.

According to reports, officers from the Santa Monica Police Department responded to loud disturbance of yelling in the alley behind a Maserati dealership around 1:30 a.m. Officers arrived to the scene, where the suspect was found not in compliance and in possession off multiple weapons.

The SMPD announced via Twitter around 4:30 a.m. for community members to avoid the area in the 1800 block of Santa Monica Boulevard until further notice.

The Crisis Negotiation Team (CNT) was alerted to the scene by SMPD to help the suspect surrender. After hours of deescalating the situation, the CNT successfully persuaded the man to released his weapon, before he took off running.

Authorities deployed a K9 official to capture the man, who was transported to a local hospital from injuries sustained by the animal. Additional details about the case have not been disclosed to the public.

The SMPD is still investigating the incident. Anyone with the information is asked to contact the police.