UNITED STATES—I have been told a thousand times that having a house comes with a lot of responsibilities. It’s not just that you’re paying the bills (and trust me there is plenty) it is the fact that unexpected things tend to happen all the time. When I say this, I’m referring to those repairs or fixes that you least expect. For me the big one right now is my refrigerator.

I have had it for a few years and never had a problem in sight, but suddenly a problem has arisen and it’s a big one. It is making a weird humming or buzzing sound. I wish I could explain it with words, but trying to do so would be near impossible if we’re going to be honest. We had a repair guy come out and tinker with it a few months ago and whatever he did totally fixed the problem.

This week however, that odd sound has returned and it is literally driving me bonkers. So the realization has come to me that I’m going to have to purchase a new fridge. I haven’t done this in quite a well, and when you start to look at the costs your brain is rattled. Yes, I could try to have a fridge expert look at it once again (and I might do that), but the reality is the fridge has lived a pretty good life and it is time for a new one.

It is a costly expense, it truly is and when you look at all the options out there, it is simple a new fridge is about to range from $600 upwards to $1,000, if not more. That is just the reality and to have to swallow my pride and fork over that type of money for an appliance is a gut punch I truly don’t want to have to deal with. It is either that or I don’t have anywhere to store food.

Well, that is not totally true. I have a deep freezer, but I can only keep frozen items in there, I would need a place to store the everyday staples like the bread, milk, eggs, butter, condiments, fruits, veggies and I totally understand NOW why some people have two refrigerators: usually one in the basement and the kitchen, or the kitchen and the garage. It is just good to have a backup because you never know when one is going to kick the bucket, as I’m discovering.

I have done some pricing around town and almost everyone is pretty even on the cost, I guess it depends on what you want in a fridge. I want a simple one, a freezer and the fridge; I prefer the side refrigerator, with the long vertical doors. They are a bit pricier, but they work better when it comes to space parameters for my kitchen. However, if I stumble upon a good deal than I will take whatever I can get because I need to sleep at night and the buzzing sound the fridge is making (while still fully operational I must say) is a hindrance to sleep.

This is why they all say, having that rainy day fund is always a plus because you never know when something unexpected is going to happen and that money you stashed is going to become quite handy to say the least because purchasing a new appliance or having to do an unexpected repair can place a dent in most people’s pockets.