HOLLYWOOD—You’d think Aunt Jordan played deliciously by “As the World Turns” alum Colleen Zenk would be happy she escaped after her first go around with the Newman family on “The Young and the Restless,” but nope. She donned her infamous wig, snuck into the hospital and kidnapped Claire. Victoria was the first to spot something was off after finding Jordan’s bracelet in Claire’s bed and alerted Cole of the situation, as Victor was also updated before Jordan implemented another stage in her plan.

Nikki’s drinking has gotten more unhinged which prompted Nate to intervene where he was not wanted. He spilled that tea to Victor who seemed stunned by the reveal, but it made perfect sense by the look on Victor’s face. Yes, Victor has realized what transpired at that cabin with Claire and Jordan has caused his wife to spiral and she needs some serious help.

“Y&R” did fantastic with that sequence involving Jordan, Nikki and Claire. It was intense, it was riveting and gripping. I did for a second think that Claire might fire a shot killing Jordan, which wouldn’t have been a twist, but it would have been expected, so I’m glad that route wasn’t taken. Instead, Nikki went to bat for her granddaughter and vice versa, so Victor and Nick are cozying up to a relationship with Claire. Love it or hate it, Claire is your granddaughter and niece.

Jordan has been carted off to prison, but something tells me that cannot be the end of this woman, it is way too quick to wrap up this storyline if you’re asking me and we’re close to February Sweeps. The war between Christine and Phyllis is heating up. Look, I like the red head as the red head that audiences have come to adore, but at the same time, when will Phyllis learn. She is her own worst enemy as Daniel, Summer and so many people in her orbit has echoed countless times.

She doesn’t like seeing Danny and Christine aka Cricket together, but get over it, those two have massive chemistry and it has been echoed on the small screen. Phyllis made a move on Danny, who resisted and made it clear that he just wants a friendship with her and he is more interested in Christine. This has prompted Phyllis to burgeon up a ‘friendship’ with Tucker of all individuals and a few kisses along the way. This twosome is interesting, but they can be dangerous as hell.

Tucker is out for blood after Jack, Kyle, Ashley and Diane exposed that cover-up at his former company. Yes, Ashley might have lit the match that could lead to something dangerous erupting. I don’t know why I have this feeling, but I think the end for Tucker McCall is nearing on “Y&R.” As we near February Sweeps, I think a whodunit is about to explode with Tucker’s demise. He has made many enemies and his fraught relationship with Devon is giving off, a man who will be riddled with remorse after his father unexpectedly dies. Audra doesn’t trust Kyle, but you were using Kyle, he just turned the tables on you, so get over it!

Ashley seemed worried (and she should be) and Jack is on cloud nine (and he shouldn’t be). Tucker never goes down without a fight, and something big is going to erupt before this narrative is finally put to rest. With that said, we still have the ongoing battle at Chancellor-Winters with more players in the mix now that Billy and Chance are part of the corporate structure. Chance and Summer are getting closer by the minute after spending time at that concert. Yes, Phyllis sees it, like I said, everyone sees it EXCEPT Chance at the moment.

I did like Sharon and Chance together at first, but the more I think about it, the more I want to see Summer with Chance, their spark is just much stronger, I’m sorry. It was nice seeing Lauren and Michael renew their vows, just as Phyllis is proving that her plan to make Danny jealous might backfire as Tucker is seeing more into this ruse than Phyllis expected. Be careful of the games that you play.