HOLLYWOOD—OMG, thank the powers that be at the CBS soap opera “The Bold and the Beautiful.” When Emma Barber died in that ‘car accident’ years ago with Thomas tailing her to stop her from telling Hope the truth about Beth, I was hoping this was the nail in the coffin for the treacherous Forrester. Nope. Emma’s death seemed to come and go as if it didn’t matter. I mean after Thomas fell off that cliff in his pursuit of Hope at the hands of Brooke, he confessed the truth to Ridge about Emma’s accident. Guess what Ridge did? NOTHING!

So, we have the return of Xander Avant, you remember him? He was the guy who was being pursued by Zoe and got tangled in the Beth baby swap storyline. The sad situation is Zoe and Xander were fired for their role, but Thomas, because he’s a Forrester, got a slap on the wrist. I mean he didn’t suffer any consequences until he called Child Protective Services on himself and framed Brooke. Yeah, Thomas has gotten away with wicked crimes, but attempted murder is at the top of the list, and it might come to light.

Xander has returned to Los Angeles after being off the canvas for quite some time. He is Finn’s new patient and he spilled some serious tea about Thomas, after realizing Finn was married to Steffy. FYI, Finn just had an intriguing interaction with Thomas who was berating Steffy who was worried about his relationship with Hope. If anything it looks like, Thomas might be slipping into old ways. He doesn’t want ANYTHING to threaten his relationship with Hope, that includes his own sister.

Xander talked about Thomas’ role in Beth’s paternity staying a secret, but notably put a spotlight on Emma’s death and pointed to Finn that Thomas may have been responsible, at least Zoe and Xander suspected, and I think this is so juicy. Thomas has no clue Finn and Xander are talking behind his back, so can you imagine Thomas’ face when he realizes that Xander is back in town and talking bad about him to Finn of all people?

Oh, we might see the old Thomas return which makes me concerned for Xander and anyone in Hope’s orbit. In case you’re in the dark, Thomas just proposed to Hope. I’m hoping this is a dream sequence, but something has me feeling, this is no dream sequence; this is the real deal and the look on Hope’s face said it all, she’s not ready to marry Thomas at all, but she might say yes to prove Brooke, Ridge, Steffy, Liam and all the others doubting her relationship. Relax everyone because Hope politely turned down Thomas’ proposal, but he placed the ring around her neck as a reminder when she is ready to accept the ring will be there for her.

I can already see the soap effect, as Thomas and Hope are preparing to walk down the aisle the truth about Thomas’ role in Emma’s demise or something wicked Thomas has done leading up to the nuptials will come to light and he will be exposed. I mean it already happened when he was planning to marry Zoe, then he was exposed again at Taylor and Ridge’s wedding, so this third time would be the nail in the coffin for Thomas Forrester.

I am starting to wonder if Zoe will return to the canvas, and with Finn unnerved by Thomas’ recent actions, it makes me question whether he could be a target in the near future. Especially if Thomas feels he is a threat to his relationship, as Ridge is forced to defend his son yet again, but Steffy and Brooke are uneasy. Brooke I can understand why considering what Thomas has done to her, framing her with CPS and then hiding the truth about Sheila swapping her non-alcoholic champagne with actual alcohol (that truth still has not come out).

Finn is worried and let Steffy know, and then the big protective sister mode came to light as she admonished Xander for making such a claim. Oh, Steffy if you truly knew what Thomas did you might not be defending him.