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“Survivor 41” Recap: ‘Do Or Die’

HOLLYWOOD—I really had high hopes for “Survivor 41” after what seemed like the longest hiatus ever, but the amount of twists are just torpedoing...

“Survivor 41” Recap: ‘Baby With A Machine Gun’

HOLLYWOOD—So it was apparent the rift between Shan and DeShawn was building in the latest episode of “Survivor 41.” This week’s episode, ‘Baby With...

“Survivor 41” Recap: ‘Ready To Play Like A Lion’

HOLLYWOOD—So the merge, it has been the moment fans of “Survivor 41” have been eyeing for weeks and it happened sort of with a...

“Survivor” Returns With Season 41!

HOLLYWOOD—Thank the reality TV gods, because I’ve been waiting for a new season of “Survivor” for more than 18 months. I mean the last...

“The Shining” Is Unnerving!

HOLLYWOOD—My trend of exploring horror that hasn’t been on my radar is continuing just in time for Halloween, and this one is a good...
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