HOLLYWOOD—Well Gwen, you have indeed killed your relationship with Jack on “Days of Our Lives.” This moron actually thought she would have a relationship with her father by taking the newspaper he started with Jennifer. Yeah, Gwen did, but soon discovered she might have the paper as Jack refused to allow Jennifer to turn herself in for striking Gwen while under the influence of drugs. Yeah, Xander does indeed bring out the worse in Gwen and they deserve one another.

As I noted in my previous column, I think the end is near for Gwen and Xander on “DOOL,” I just don’t know yet exactly how they will meet their maker, but I see it happening. Let me take that back, I think Johnny who issued threats to Xander and his dear ole dad, EJ, both DiMera’s might be the ones to do it after Xander played a role in the death of Susan Banks. Knowing EJ he would ensure they’d get away with it.

Xander was hoping to turn a new leaf, but when Sarah gave him a piece of his own medicine by sleeping with Rex and flaunting it in Xander’s eyes he did not like that one bit. Jealous a bit? I mean Sarah was always loyal to Xander, but he was never loyal to her. So it was nice to see Xander have a taste of his own medicine. Leo isn’t going to have much of a storyline either, as Sonny is jetting to New Zealand to be with Will while he works on a new film project. So Will and Sonny are leaving Salem, but they are not alone, Allie and her son will be joining him. Allie cheated on Chanel with Alex and got busted so that relationship is over.

Makes me wonder, what the writers are planning for Alex and Chanel in the future. Why? Johnny is smitten by Wendy, who just happens to like Tripp (so there is a love triangle there). Then you have Alex who was after Stephanie, but it’s apparent she is over him as she moved on with Chad and they took their relationship to the next level. I could see Chanel and Johnny reuniting, while Tripp and Wendy become an item in due time. It will be fun to see those relationships evolve people.

Let’s return the conversation to EJ who is wooing Nicole who is licking her wounds after Eric dumped her for Sloan. The old priestly Eric is gone and the risky side erupted and it is fun to watch. Eric and Sloan are good together. EJ is on Stefan’s hit list, as Stefan seeks revenge against EJ for keeping the truth from him about Gabi and hiding what he, Li and Kristen were up to. Stefan has been slowly drugging EJ causing him to make mistakes that are costly to DiMera Enterprises that Johnny and others are catching.

EJ discovered the truth and wanted revenge, but that annoyed me because EJ you started this war against your own brother by hiding the truth. You cannot be mad at him for wanting a bit of revenge in the process. If you start a war, you better be ready to go to battle. Brady is still hoping to get Chloe to forgive him, but she’s in her own orbit, as Gabi is still wooing Stefan who is still a bit messed up. He confessed his love for Gabi by calling her Chloe which enraged her. Gabi turned to Li of all people, which is making me wonder if Li and Gabi could reunite? It is starting to feel like a possibility people and an intriguing one to say the least.

Are you ready to wrap up our conversation on all things Salem? Let’s talk about Kayla, Marlena and Kate being trapped in the afterlife as they float between Heaven and Hell. Nick Fallon is doing his best to manipulate the women as Kate and Kayla attempt to send messages to those in their orbit, Paulina, Roman and Steve of all people. However, Jake DiMera, yeah you remember him, the guy that the writers killed off with a stupid storyline to bring Stefan back. He was the ladies Guardian Angel, as he dropped a massive bomb: they’re not dead, they’re very much alive.

Guess where they are being held: some DiMera Lab win what looks like cryogenic chambers to preserve their bodies until the writers decide it is time to wake them up. Only on “DOOL” can a character DIE and ACTUALLY NOT DIE! The writers know how to weave a story that makes absolute sense, but not in reality.