HOLLYWOOD—Whew, where do we begin “Days of Our Lives” fans? I mean there has been a lot transpiring in the town of Salem, so I guess we have to begin where we last chatted discussing the shenanigans of Kristen DiMera. She had been holding Sarah Horton on that island then Steve and Kayla joined, soon followed by Abigail. Well, there is good news: Sarah, Steve, Kayla and Abigail are back in Salem. The bad news: Kristen DiMera has escaped the authorities yet again.

How does this woman elude the authorities with such ease I will never understand America. Kristin might be out of commission for the moment, but the chaos she has caused is still reverberating through Salem. Sarah thinks she is ‘Renee DuMonde’ and married to Tony DiMera. Yeah, Sarah is a bit wacky right now and it’s causing all sorts of trouble in Tony’s marriage to Anna people. Xander was flabbergasted when he learned he was duped by Kristin who ‘acted’ as Sarah causing his big wedding day to blow up in pieces and to keep him hoodwinked for more than a year.

Yeah, Xander might have proposed to Gwen, but the moment Sarah gives him an opening he is so damn taking it. What does that mean? It is only a matter of time before Sarah returns to her actual self and when the truth about Gwen’s roll in knowing what occurred with Sarah and Abigail comes to light EVERYTHING this woman has done to rehab herself is over.

Gwen should be worried. Ava has been arrested as Abigail fingered her as the woman who knocked her out and was responsible for her kidnapping. Yeah, Ava you spent too much time trying to prevent Abigail from uncovering the truth and framing Rafe that you are in a very dicey pickle. Your credibility is shot woman, but at the same time you’re covering for Kristen DiMera who is going to throw you under the bus quicker than you can count to three.

If Ava’s situation is not problematic enough, we have the issue involving her son Tripp. He proposed to Allie, but that happiness was quickly dashed when Johnny or shall we say the Devil with Chanel in tow, decided to drop the bomb on Tripp that Allie slept with Chanel. The truth was confirmed and the Allie and Tripp love affair came to light it was all over with the snap of a finger people. Kate and Roman tried to talk the youngsters thru the turmoil, but nothing worked.

Chloe and Brady were taken for a loop when they discovered that Leo is very much back in Salem and with Craig of all people. Yeah, Leo Stark is back to cause more chaos just as Chloe and Brady attempted to warn Craig that his lover is a schemer and after only his money. Leo did his best to convince Chloe and Brady that he has changed, but they were not buying it one bit people. Neither would I America, neither would I. Could Leo’s return usher the return of Will and Sonny to Salem people? We shall wait and see.

There is some major drama brewing between Gabi, Jake, Chad and Johnny. Johnny has been working his magic on Gabi that has worked effortlessly. She has betrayed Jake and booted him from DiMera and her life as she is now the CEO of DiMera. Chad was baffled and hoodwinked, Jake couldn’t believe it and Johnny is gleeful. Why? He has Gabi right where he wants her and she has no idea she has been played like a fiddle people. Jake is stunned by the turn of events, just as Chad vows to find out what has transpired behind his back.

Well Chad you stabbed EJ in the back and you just got stabbed in the back. You reap what you sew. Speaking of EJ, he’s in the slammer and Clyde and Orpheus are once again up to no good. In my last column I alluded to the fact that Clyde seems to know something about that fateful night that EJ was ‘killed’ and Orpheus has echoed that sentiment, which means there is more to the story and it’s slowly starting to come out people.

I should chat about Paulina, Lani and TR, but who cares, it’s boring. The guy abused Paulina, she gave up her daughter to protect her and now the guy claims to be a new man. We’ve seen this storyline a billion times and I don’t need to see it again. Right now, the EJ fatal shooting mystery has me intrigued America. “Days of Our Lives” you have my attention and I cannot want to see how it unfolds.