BEIRUT, LEBANON— A significantly big explosion occurred on Tuesday morning in the Lebanese capital, Beirut.

Video shows a big explosion which blew out windows and injured many Tuesday morning, August 4. It is believed the cause of the explosion was a major fire in a warehouse near the port in Beirut that holds firecrackers. Many other buildings located miles from the explosion were also damaged, including former Prime Minister Skas Hariri’s headquarters.

In addition to buildings, homes were also damaged due to the explosion. All hospitals in the area and nearby were ordered to be prepared for many incoming victims of the explosion.

The explosion comes during a time where many political tension exists in Lebanon, as seen through street demonstrations and protests to demand change in the manner the government is handling the current worst economic crisis the country has faced since the 1975-1990 civil war. Additionally, there has also been tension on the border with Israel with possible attempts of infiltration.

It is unknown just how many have been injured in this explosion as it is still too early to determine.