BEL AIR–Documented sightings of potholes along Bel Air roads are on the rise.  The Bel Air Association maintains a detailed log on pothole sightings for Bel Air residents.  The last sweep of Bel Air was conducted Saturday, March 5.

The Bel Air Association’s “Project Pothole” has cataloged potholes in the Bel Air community on a voluntary basis for several years.  As of March 5, four new pothole areas were identified.  According to the Bel Air Association website:

Intersection of Via Verona & Stradella Road

Several Areas Near the 1100 Block of Roberto Lane

Intersection of Vicenza Way & Stradella Road

Several Areas between the 800-850 Blocks of Stradella Road


Below are pictures of the identified problem areas.

“Project Pothole” collects donations for road repair.  To donate, go to