BEVERLY HILLS—My name is “Ozzie”, and I’m another Chihuahua mix that was abandoned.  I’m only about one year old, and I’m really a very nice little boy, so I don’t understand why someone didn’t want to keep me.
It seems that so many of us Chihuahuas were adopted when they saw celebrities carrying us around in their fashionable hand bags, or saw ads that showed cute pictures of us – because we are cute,  if I must say so myself!  Then there were movies that featured us. All of a sudden everyone – well, not everyone, but you get the idea – wantea one of us.  So, if they got us as a puppy they probably thought that we would stay tiny.  Well, some of us did – but so many of us are a mix of a Chihuahua and something else, because we weren’t spayed or neutered and were left to wander, and things happened –  so we grew to be bigger, like I am.  I’m probably about fourteen pounds. But, so what?  I still have the same personality and I’m  just as loving as when I was younger.  In fact, I’m probably better now, because I’m past the baby stage.

What if it was the other way around, and you loved me a lot, and then you gained weight and your appearance changed and I abandoned you for that reason!  I certainly wouldn’t care what you weighed or looked like, you would be the same person that I loved, and wouldn’t leave you for anything in the world.  It’s too bad that some two-legged creatures don’t think the same as us four-legged ones, isn’t it?

Well, I think that I made my point, and I know that the number of  “pet parents” that love us forever, outnumber the ones that don’t. So, now I’m waiting for that special person that will love me forever, because you can be sure that my love for you will last forever, too.

I have lots of Chihuahua friends here, both big and small, and all other kinds of dogs, that are waiting for that special person, too.  Oh, oh, the cats just sent me a text message saying that I better not forget to mention that there are lots of them here, of all ages, that would love a home of their own, too.  I’m going to add that they are all very beautiful!
So, to see all of us, just go to our website at:  Then call for an appointment to see us, and who knows where that may lead?  We all hope to see you soon!