HOLLYWOOD—Nicole Walker DiMera is indeed spiraling on “Days of Our Lives” after the ‘death’ of her baby boy on “Days of Our Lives.” Beyond the grief, Nicole recently kidnapped baby Jude after Sloan turned away for a moment. Sloan, don’t you know you can never take your eyes off a child? She panicked and pointed the finger at Leo, but Leo was not the culprit, it was Nicole, who EJ was in first in denial about, but it became clear after he found Nicole with the baby that his wife needs help.

Eric was a bit more forgiving, but Sloan was not. She wanted Nicole banned from her and Jude. Eric is still bonding with Nicole and aware of her grief, and the situation is only made stronger with Holly’s current predicament. The teen is spiraling and Nicole needs to be there for her daughter, who is drinking and infatuated with a man who is much older and sees her as a little sister. Yes, Holly should turn her attention to Tate, but Tate is a wannabe bad boy, and if you look at Brady and Theresa it explains his behavior quite clearly. However, Holly is screaming out for her mother to parent her, but Nicole has been so distracted she even forgot about her daughter’s birthday.

I think the situation with Johnny could be easily resolved if he just had an honest conversation with Holly. However, Johnny is worried about Chanel, as it pertains to Paulina who might be battling a medical crisis in the near future. Ava and Harris, I have no clue what is unfolding with these two. Ava and her drug involvement with Clyde and Stefan is taking a toll on her mental state. Harris wants to get closer to Ava, but she is hesitant knowing how determined Harris is to solve this drug case. Ava, guess what, if you just spill the truth to Harris, he could probably help you.

Harris had a drunken kiss with Stephanie who is all over the place. Her relationship with Chad is over, Alex is gloating, and Everett aka Bobby is still making moves. Yes, Everett doesn’t appear to be who he says he is, which makes me question exactly what whopper of a secret is this guy keeping? We know he’s keeping something, and I’m not in the Stephanie and Everett corner, but Stephanie and Harris is indeed interesting. We are also aware he was once married to Jada who has yet to spill all the secrets behind why she divorced Bobby.

Leo is still conniving to get Sloan to get him a place to stay and some funding, if she wants to prevent the truth about Jude coming to light. Sloan you’re caught in a twisted web and the sooner you confess the better, because not only is the betrayal going to sting for Eric when it comes out, you could be facing criminal charges and guess who is the District Attorney of Salem, a guy named EJ DiMera who is brutal when it comes to revenge. Not only did you make him think he was the father of Nicole’s child, but you stole the child from Nicole!

Speaking of revenge, Chad’s rage boiled when he learned from Stefan that Clyde might have something to do with Gabi’s certain predicament in the slammer. Stefan was mum, but he did ask EJ for help, but he shot him down. Damn EJ, that is just cold. The other big news in Salem involves the Xander and Alex paternity bomb. Justin feels in his bones Alex is his son (um, he is), and Xander has no idea that he’s Victor’s true heir. Alex’s gloating is going to be so funny when the truth comes out, especially considering Andrew knows Theresa kidnapped Victoria! Andrew is an idiot for buying that silly ruse Theresa delivered.

That woman is not a good liar, and like Sloan her web of deception is only getting worse by the minute. Konstantin is still blackmailing her in his mission to get closer to Maggie, but it has become so obvious to all in the Kiriakis circle this guy is a schemer, which is annoying John and Steve who has a close eye on Victor’s childhood pal. This guy injured his own leg so he wouldn’t have to leave town, even though he has touted to all that he plans to leave town. Steve and John are getting closer to exposing this guy, but something tells me someone close to Maggie’s orbit will be the one to expose Konstantin and Theresa and what fun will that be “Days of Our Lives” fans.