BEVERLY HILLS—The drought in California has called for some lifestyle changes for all of its inhabitants.

The city of Beverly Hills began saving water before water restrictions were state mandated. In May 2015, the city passed an emergency water conservation program. The program called for watering schedules, outdoor watering restrictions and possible penalties for customers who do not cut water by 30 percent.

Beverly Hills is attempting to further cut water usage by 32 percent. The city is working closely with residents and businesses to meet these goals.

One of the biggest ways to make an impact is to change outdoor watering habits. Residents can learn about water-wise plants and efficient irrigation systems by viewing the Beverly Hills Garden Book about drought-tolerant landscaping.

Residents are asked to stick to the mandatory two-day watering schedule. Watering lawns and plants in the morning is recommended to better hold in moisture.

It’s also recommended to replace normal sprinklers with a rotating sprinkler nozzle and use 20 percent less water. Drip irrigation will keep gardens constantly watered while efficiently using much less. Residents are also informed to install a rain barrel or rain garden to collect water when it rains.

To conserve water in the home, residents can replace old toilets and appliances with new, high efficiency appliances, which allows rebates on most upgrades. Other conservation techniques include washing full loads of laundry and dishes, and to shorten showers to five minutes or less.

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