UNITED STATES—I had this discussion recently with people about sleep, in particular nightmares. I have truly had some strange, odd and crazy nightmares as of late. Almost nightly I’m having these vivid dreams where I am being attacked. I am being chased and my life is at risk. The danger feels potent and I escape, but it is barely.

The question I keep finding myself trying to figure out is WHY? Why is this happening to me right now and what are the triggers? I haven’t watched anything abnormally scary or spooky as of late, so is my brain just in overload right now? What can I do to curb the tension? That is what I feel at the moment, there is a lot of tension and pressure that I am dealing with in my personal life, while juggling work and I’m trying to navigate around that.

I’d like to think the brain is at ease at night. I try to exercise throughout the week, I try to have those Zen moments and I’m coming to terms that I can only control what I can control. Everything else is just everything else. The curveballs are going to come no matter how much you try to prepare for them in life.

I’ve already knew from studies and schooling that the smallest notion of thinking about something just for a couple of seconds in a given day can lead to a nightmare when you fall asleep. Yes, the brain is a complicated organ as I have said time and time again.

Nothing has gotten to the point where I am afraid to sleep, but I do want to have some quality sleep which is my biggest concern. Why? I feel like I’m tossing and turning more than I wish to when I’m sleeping in my bed. What is the point of sleeping when you’re not getting quality sleep. I think I’m going to try to do an in-depth analysis of my nightmares as of late. I’m going to actually get up in the middle of the nightmare and journal what transpires.

Could I totally analyze things and make sense of them? Possibly, but who knows, but I think at this point because it is such a repeated pattern I need to make sense of what is unfolding so I can see if there is anything I can do to alter the energy that might be clouding my brain when I fall asleep at night. In the past month, I may have had two nights of decent quality sleep.

Why? My body was unbelievably burnt out; so much to the point that when those eyes close it was a done deal. You have situations where the brain just dissipates and the only thing that matters is rest and guess what, rest is the thing your body wants more than anything. I just wish my body would give me the opportunity to actually have it.