BEVERLY HILLS—On the night of Sunday, October 31, multiple police, fire, and rescue units were called to the area of Beverly Hills Drive and Santa Monica Blvd near The Lily Pond and Beverly Hills City Hall where an altercation broke out between members of a large pedal gang. Citizen video footage captured the incident.

Beverly Hills Lily Pond

Canyon-News reached out to the Beverly Hills Police Department for an incident report. Lt. Giovanni Trejo responded with the following statement:

“On Halloween night at about 11:00 p.m., BHPD Dispatch received multiple reports of a large group of approximately 200 bicyclists in the area of North Santa Monica Blvd and Beverly Drive. Upon arrival, it was determined that several participants in this group were involved in a physical altercation. The majority of the group left the area westbound on North Santa Monica Blvd. A small group was left behind on the sidewalk. Officers encountered two male subjects in this group who appeared to have sustained minor facial injuries. The subjects refused to identify themselves and also refused numerous offers for medical aid from BHFD paramedics. The subjects specifically indicated they did not want to cooperate with the police in any way. No arrests were made.”

According to reports, a pedal gang is a large bicyclists group. The NorCal Pedal Gang has its own registered trademark, sells jackets, and has their own Instagram account (stories of the pedal gangs). There are reportedly different groups that meet virtually or in person. Pedal mafia is a brand name of cycling apparel.

Pedal gangs are not new. News reports tell of a “Pedal-by-shooting,” by an L.A. gang member in 2008.