BEVERLY HILLS—In early November, the city of Beverly Hills began installing a temporary demonstration project on the corner of N. Camden Drive and Brighton Way. The project is going to run for six months and will aim at helping pedestrians and motor vehicles co-exist in the same streets and on the same roads.

The project will test different enhanced elements such as curb extensions and temporary installations at the intersection.

“We know that streets define communities. As such, the City of Beverly Hills supports a diverse and dynamic transportation network to increase the number of people that can comfortably and conveniently travel on our streets without increasing congestion” states the city of Beverly Hills on its mobility website.

Residents are invited to visit the intersection and participate in a short online survey on the City Mobility website to provide feedback on current project progression. Depending on the feedback from the community the project will be modified, made permanent, or removed overall at which the city council has proposed around spring/summer 2021.

“Enhancements to the intersection include brightly painted curb extensions that shorten crossing distances and make pedestrians more visible, and planters separating the space from moving traffic. Later this month, additional delineators to separate the space, a more visible diagonal crossing design, bike parking, and public seating will be installed to compliment the City’s OpenBH program and allow visitors to further support the nearby restaurants,” reads a statement from a press release.

Beverly Hills Mobility is a resource within the city to help spread awareness and Information for different modes of transportation and updates on current projects to help improve accessibility.

The following project has potential for future pedestrian amenities throughout the city if proven effective.

The city of Beverly Hills wants to make their intersections more accessible and inform the community how to properly function through the intersection by different modes of transportations.

Funding is a result of a grant from the Southern California Association of Governments. The goal is part of a larger Pedestrian and Bicycle Awareness and Education campaign that can be shared on multiple social media platforms.

Canyon News has reached out to the city of Beverly Hills Public Information Manager, but did not receive a response before print.