BEVERLY HILLS—The Beverly Hills Police Department is reminding residents and the public to utilize crime prevention measures that can help reduce their risk of falling prey to crimes against persons, such as robbery. The BHPD notes that money is often the motivation, but the crimes of violence  are because they involve the threat or actual use of physical violence. The basic rules of prevention are to be sensible and to be alert.

The public is being informed to trust their instincts: Trusting your own instincts that a situation seems “wrong” can be the best personal safety tool you have.

Situational Awareness:

-Walk or travel with a purpose: Project an assertive image that conveys you know where you are going.

-Keeping a safe distance by not allowing individuals to get too close, even if they appear to have a reason, such as asking for the time.

-Remember listening to music or talking on your cell phone can significantly limit your awareness, which may make it easier for a potential suspect to catch you off guard.

-When traveling home in your vehicle (locked doors), pay attention to your surroundings such as vehicles that may appear to be following you. If you suspect this is occurring, immediately notify the Police Department of this activity, change your direction of travel and drive to your local Law Enforcement Station.

-When arriving home to your residence, visually assess (look around) your property before stopping and exiting your vehicle. If you sense or see something out of the ordinary, remain in your vehicle and drive away, while reporting this to your local Law Enforcement agency.

-Please report any suspicious activity by calling 9-1-1 or the non-emergency dispatch number, 310-550-4951