UNITED STATES—For years, we heard Joe Biden attack former President Donald Trump for not releasing his tax records. The media backed Biden by covering this attack as if it was real and on repeat for years. They continued to elude to some sort of ill-will or corruptness by President Trump. No one gave him the benefit of the doubt. They went to court over it. Salivating over what they would find. Finally, the court forced the tax returns to be made public and then…crickets.

No one talked about them anymore. There was nothing to see there. It’s almost like Trump purposely put up a fight to annoy everyone. People complained that Trump had taken deductions and used tax laws to his advantage and it was criminal.

Now the truth comes out. Trump followed the laws and did nothing wrong. As if spying on him for years, interfering with his lawyer/client privilege in more ways than one wasn’t enough to know that Trump is basically free of corruption.

Biden continued to push back claiming Trump didn’t pay his “fair share” in taxes… noting he just used the laws to benefit him.

Now it is revealed that the real tax corruption comes from the Biden family and the media is covering it up taking weeks to barely report some criminal evidence.

Look at Hunter Biden, who just got a slap on the hand for the illegal possession of a gun and tax evasion, text messages and whistleblowers from the IRS recently surfacing.

What is more ironic than Joe “want to be dictator” Biden, who wants to come and take our guns, is allowing his son to carry an illegal gun. Is that after years of claiming Trump’s taxes were being hidden? No, it was actually Biden doing the hiding and the tax evasion.

In July 2017, Hunter Biden sent threatening/bullying text messages to a Chinese businessman who was supposed to pay him $10 million, and within days, that businessman deposits millions in the Biden’s fake shell incorporations.

That was talk of the Democrats which means all of mainstream media but why now, in June 2023 are we not talking about the elephant in the room: the Biden’s tax returns!

Well, this is not just about Biden not paying taxes, legally like Trump, this is about tax evasion. Biden had accounts in his family names hoping for Joe Biden and Hunter Biden to evade paying “their fair share.”

Biden attacks people because they push back on having to pay more taxes. Inflation is crazy high. Half gallon of organic milk is $9. A tank of gas has gone from $40 to $140. The amount of money we have to spend makes all the pay hikes for minimum wage useless. You need to be paid $40 an hour to live in Los Angeles. Times have taken a spike in the need for money in just the last three years. Meanwhile, the Biden administration continues to pass out money that will come out of our pocket in taxes. Of course, we don’t want that but here is where it gets real…

Joe and his son, Hunter are on a criminal mission around the world collecting money on the basis of their connections in DC. What exactly does that mean? It means that if Chinese political characters are paying the Bidens $8.3 million and nothing is done in return, it means they are owed to them. Who exactly owes what?

Joe Biden is selling you and me out to China. There is no secret that China wants to rule the world. They announce it any time the topic comes up. Now our president has been paid millions by way of his drug addicted, prostitute hiring son.

Our lives are impacted and yet the mainstream media continues to cover for Joe Biden.

From 2015 to 2019, all I heard was how President Trump was going to start World War III and how his mouth was going to make the world hate us. Nothing turned out to be further than the truth. The world loved and respected Trump, so long as they were not falling prey to the lies told on CNN and other inaccurate news outlets.

With the Bidens, it is getting deeper into calculated corruption. This is not someone flipping the tax laws to help you save money. This is someone who uses Air Force One and their grown son to elicit foreign money with the promise of connections in DC.

This is not a mistake about a drug using son. It is not an innocent oversite.

It is about the President of the United States, as Vice President and before he stole the 2020 election, using a burner phone to make phone calls, allowing his son to bully the foreign solicitors. It is about the POTUS, Joe Biden, taking showers with his teenage daughter. This is not about his Quid Pro Quo with Ukraine as Vice President and then bragging about it while our own President is getting impeached for nothing. This is calculated bribe money and mainstream media is covering up for them.

You can clearly see Biden using the same tactics Joe Biden used to threaten Ukraine regarding a loan from United States of America. There is no apology, it is a direct threat. “DO AS I SAY OR ELSE.”

We have jumped back to 1950 and the world is a scary place. We have no promise of freedom. We can thank anyone that voted for Joe Biden for that. It is your fault; you have ruined my country completely. You helped Biden get elected whether you were just casting a ballot or you were one of those cheating on his behalf.