Tag: Corruption

Impeaching Trump: Biden, Lies & Videotape

WASHINGTON, DC—News traveled quickly about the inquiry into President Trump's impeachment. The details of what happened have been confused, twisted, misconstrued and spun within...

Hannity Comments On Mueller’s Trump Investigation

UNITED STATES—The topic of Robert Mueller's investigation into possible collusion with Russia involving President Donald Trump was discussed on the FOX series "Hannity." On Monday...

Artists V. Stiffs Part 7

UNITED STATES—I’ve got them by their nuts in a nutshell: I found it. The hinge that unhinges this once complex case of: Artists v....

Former Sheriff Lee Baca Facing Obstruction Of Justice Charges

LOS ANGELES—Former Los Angeles County sheriff, Lee Baca, is awaiting a verdict regarding two felony charges he is facing for obstruction of justice. Sheriff Lee Baca is...

Former Sheriff Lee Baca Withdraws Guilty Plea

LOS ANGELES—Former Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca decided to withdraw his guilty plea in court on Monday, August 1 and take the chance of facing a...

Corruption Is Good, In The Right Hands

WASHINGTON D.C.—I listened to every word of President Obama’s statement on signing the financial institutions’ “reform” law, Wednesday morning. This was a filthy job, but...
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