HOLLYWOOD—I’m still fuming over the double eviction that took out James, the one contestant that I was rooting for in “Big Brother 17.” It’s always heartbreaking when the underdog loses out, it happens all too often on “Big Brother.” With the numbers vastly dwindling down, Steve came into power and set his sights on breaking up the Austwins. Well it’s about damn time, what took the houseguests so long to decide it’s finally TIME? Steve originally planned to put up Liz and Julia, but once again Vanessa spun her web of deceit, which led to Austin and Liz being placed on the block together.

Sorry, all showmances have to come to an end at some point. Liz was unable to take sitting on the block and left the nomination ceremony before it concluded. This led to the twins and Austin bashing Steve for making a move that undeniably had to happen. I was quite surprised none of them threw out the idea of putting Vanessa on the block, not that Steve would do it considering the numbers would not be in his favor.

Things all came down to the POV competition, which was a rehash of the bowlerina competition from “Big Brother 15.” Of course, no plan always goes as expected and Vanessa gave a bit of advice that caused the house to explode. She told Julia to pick Austin in the second round, which left all three baffled. Ultimately, Austin went on a tirade after his win, which saw the return of “Big Brother” alum Jessie. Gosh, this guy seems to pop-up on every season of the competition series.

Steve made a bold move in the "Big Brother 17" compound this week.
Steve made a bold move in the “Big Brother 17” compound this week.

When confronted by Liz and Austin about her choice, Julia admitted she selected him because Vanessa told her. This led to Julia confronting Vanessa, as well as Liz about being played by their so-called ally. As usual, Vanessa played the crying game and starting swearing, even though she was lying through her teeth. Smart move for John and Steve to stay out of the chaos, but even Austin caught onto Vanessa’s tactics. Steve was also suspicious of Vanessa’s move; finally the poker player has been outed. Everyone is onto her game, but they are treading a thin line to not make it known to her that she’s a target.

In the end, Steve was forced to nominate Julia in Austin’s place. Yeah, he never intended to use the veto on Liz, which upset her slightly. Hey Liz, he just met you; did you honestly think he was going to sacrifice his game for you? Nope, he’s no dummy like Clay, it might be love, but considering you’ve only known the guy less than 3 months is too risky for $500,000. The houseguests in my opinion made another stupid move by evicting Julia over Liz. What? Liz is the bigger comp threat; I seriously cannot wrap my head around the strategy some of these houseguests have. It’s like this has been a season of stupid moves. Once again, the egg competition returned. Hey “Big Brother,” it might be time to think of some new competitions. It was Vanessa, who was caught in between two alliances that rose to power. Not only is she a strategic threat, but a competition threat (she has won 4 HOHs and 2 POVs), but this move was beyond risky. Why piss off either alliance? Let one of your allies gain the power.

Her paranoia rose to the top yet ONCE AGAIN, and she went bonkers and choose to nominate her ‘allies’ Steve and Johnny Mac. So much for a final three or a final two deal Vanessa. Trust me if they get the opportunity to take you out in the final four don’t be shocked. The same theory applies if Johnny Mac or Steve wins the veto and Liz or Austin happens to be evicted. Whoever remains will target the poker place. For a game theory genius, she just made one of the stupidest moves in the game in my opinion.

With less than a week left before “Big Brother 17” wraps, I’m placing my money on Steve and Johnny Mac, while these aren’t contestants I want to win, by default these are the only people I can root for. Let’s hope the final two contestants eliminated from the game are power players Austin and Vanessa. A fan can only wish!