HOLLYWOOD—Oh, what a week what a week America. “Big Brother 19” is definitely amplifying the level of drama in the BB house. When we last talked, Ramses and Josh was on the block, an epic blindside was in play, but Kevin dropped the tea to Jessica who alerted the others who were left in the dark. After hours of promises being made, Ramses was evicted by a vote of 7-3. Yes, the superfan is no longer apart of the game, and it’s a result of him not actually playing the game and getting Jessica to use the veto on him (which she absolutely would have done, if Cody was not in the house).

Fast-forward to a mental HOH challenge, yes it seems we have these less and less nowadays. However, it was down to Paul, Raven and Matt (where the hell have Raven and Matt been all season). Paul claims his second HOH and has no idea, no idea how huge of a target he has placed on his back. Julie revealed to America that the curse of Jessica accepting the Halting Hex would be the Temptation Competition. It will last for the next 3 weeks, which will allow the houseguests to decide rather they want to compete in a competition for safety. The winner, will be safe for the week, the person who comes in last place will automatically become a nominee.

However, let’s go back to the final moments on Thursdays episode, where Julie decided to question the houseguests, and the bomb that Jessica dropped on live TV was epic. She revealed she received the final temptation and alluded to what those powers would be for the houseguests. The reactions on Raven, Matt, Christmas, Josh, Alex, Jason and Paul’s faces were absolutely priceless. I literally was cheering at the TV screen. One has to question rather the strategy was smart or not. To some degree yes, to some degree no, because it could have been used to an even stronger effect, by pure illusion! I would have noted I received the final temptation and it’s a game-changer. Don’t let the house know you have safety, let them question what this power is and the level of paranoia it can bring to one’s game.

With that being said, it absolutely put a wrench in Paul’s plan, as his paranoia peaked. He wanted to know Jessica’s power, but beyond revealing safety for Cody and herself, she didn’t budge and it was a smart move in my opinion. Mark and Elena felt on the outside, especially Elena who was livid with everyone in the house except Cody and Jessica. She knew Paul and his minions hoodwinked her, and while she is mingling to make them think she’s ok with the blindside, I know we’ll see her true intentions if she wins HOH next week and makes some power moves for once.

Mark managed to edge out Matt, Alex and Jason in the Temptation competition to secure his safety for the week and mend some fences. Yes, Mark is target after Jessica and Cody. Whoosh, Friday night was explosive, explosive! Paul decided to call Jessica bluff by placing her and Cody on the block alongside Jason, who became a third nominee. Jody was livid, Paul tried to reason, but the couple wasn’t buying any of it, which caused Cody to snap and come mere inches from punching Paul in the face. That fight, led to rifts in Jody, Mark and Josh got into a tiff yet again, where Josh decided to go Evel Dick using pots and pans to terrorize his tormentor, just as Marlena decided to call it quits.

Yes, it was utter chaos and some of the best action on the feeds in years America. Christmas, who is relying on her social game managed to get Jessica to let her emotional wall down and tell her all about the Halting Hex. She might be using only 1 leg, but Christmas knows how to be sincere. However, I’m much more impressed that Christmas didn’t immediately disclose the exact details of the Halting Hex to Paul. That means she knows at some point Jessica is an ally she will need to use to get farther in the game. Proving he is a competition beast, Paul won another POV in a challenge that he won in BB18 the Storm Watcher competition America! Not a coincidence I would say.

Paul used the POV on Jason, who gave a stupid speech attacking Cody; Jason STOP letting people push you around! Be man already and play your OWN game! Those events led to utter and I mean utter chaos, so much that we’ll discuss those ramifications next week. Just know Jessica used the Halting Hex on Thursday stopping the eviction and making Paul’s second HOH non-effective. This cast is so concerned with getting to jury; I would love if it was revealed that this season would consist of a 7-person jury instead of a 9 person jury. Oh, what fun that would be.