HOLLYWOOD—I seriously cannot recall the last time I was so frustrated with a season of “Big Brother,” beyond BB16, but that season had people with personalities, those you could root for and people who wanted to win $500,000. Seriously, what the hell is going on with “Big Brother 19?” It was a loaded week, but we saw the writing on the wall after Cody failed to get the opportunity to play in the POV competition. Oh, and Thursday’s episode was a load of pure crap. Like we didn’t get to see any of cereal gate (Alex being a total b**tch yet again, as well as Christmas, Paul and Jason); the editors are sure trying to pull a wool over the viewers, but the live feeders know exactly what they did to Cody and their bullying tactics.

I cannot wait for the people to get out of this house and realize they are hated, not loved, but purely hated for their pathetic gameplay. Cody was evicted by a unanimous vote, but the guy sure knows how to make an exit. He walked right over the glass table and right out the door. It was epic television, leaving the remaining houseguest stunned. He had a fantastic interview with Julie, before the house went into a tornado with news of the double eviction. Now, here is where I get pissed, out of all the times the producers could have implemented a knock-out HOH competition, they do one now, when its Mark and Elena against the entire house, rigged you say?

It was apparent it was Mark against the house, and he was doing pretty damn well, until he swapped sides with Jason, who took him out, before winning his first HOH. Jason please take public speaking lessons. That speech you delivered for your reasoning behind nominating Mark was pathetic, stupid, incoherent and simply bad. Paul and his minions (yes you heard me correctly), was certain they’d get Mark out if he didn’t win POV, but surprise, Mark pulled out a win, while Raven, Matt and Josh proved their competitive abilities suck, especially when it comes to puzzles. Mark knew Elena was a goner, and Matt became the proverbial pawn yet again. Jeez, can’t wait to see this guy exit the house, I haven’t the slightest idea what Julie will say when she interviews this cardboard box, his personality is non-existent.

Oh, by the way the twists just keep on coming, but it’s not like they’re going to shake up the game people. The ‘Temptation Tree’ was unleashed this week and Mark, what a lucky sole won the ability to save a friend. Yeah, where was this twist when fans needed it last week when Cody or Elena were on the block America. The only advantage here that actually holds substance is the second veto. That can be a game-changer if it falls into the hands of the right person, but with these sheep playing the game, at this point I could care less.

Paul’s arrogance is seriously getting on my last got damn nerves. Who the hell does he think he is questioning Mark for targeting him? Gosh, I wish Mark would just fire back and not cower down to this egotistical mess. Paul has the house seriously thinking they are fan favorites, oh, Paul you and company are in for a major awakening when this horrid season wraps in less than a month, and thank God. It’s just dreadful to watch NO ONE in that house have the courage to fight for $500,000. BB please stop with the stupid clips show, it’s POINTLESS! And to bring Derrick from BB16 back, proves the producers know how bad this season is; they are literally grasping for straws at this point.

He hosted the HOH competition, where what do you know, Christmas finally proved she could win a competition, even though it was thrown to her America. She decided yet again to do Paul’s bidding and nominated two pawns with the intention of BD Mark. Ok, this season has seriously relied on BD techniques a bit much, how about you actually give your competitor a chance to prove you are the better gamer, than taking the easier way out. I’m sure this will lead the powers that be to adjust the game next season to prevent such tactics from becoming the norm.

With Matt and Jason on the block, Mark was well aware if he didn’t compete he was a goner. However, little did Jason know Christmas really wanted him as her target for the week! Those two have never really recovered since she broke her leg, but she did it to herself America. Jason won POV, and as we have expected all season Mark was nominated and would become the third member of the juror, with Matt and Raven as the next two targets. So if anything, this season may and I say that with virtually no hope, won’t shift till final 6 when someone realizes, I’m really close to winning the game, but I need to take out a major threat by the name of PAUL!

I don’t think I’ve said this since BB16, but I’m officially checking out on BB19. If something shakes the house or someone has the guts to go after Paul, I might be a bit more invested in this season, but for now, I’ll occasionally check the live feeds to see if something of interest transpires. I feel like the jury house is going to be far more entertaining than what is going on right now in that house.