HOLLYWOOD—Well, in less than a week “Big Brother 20” will come to an end, and I was happy to say this, up until Tuesday night. Why? The season has not been bad, but it has become a bit of steamroll and that is boring to watch as a viewer, but the BB Gods FINALLY gave fans what we wanted: a major shake-up. I’ll elaborate more on that later. I’m sorry, when I’m watching reality TV, I want to be entertained, strategy is great, but if it’s predictable, who the hell cares. Let’s talk about this double eviction that was a crazy one to say the least. This is the first time I think we’ve seen a double eviction this late in the game, day 86 to be exact. We already knew Haleigh was dead in the water, and she was first one sent packing.

Let’s talk about jury management once again, because people fail to forget how importance the jury is to crowing the victor. Why in the hell would both Angela and Kaycee give the exact same speech in their goodbye message to Haleigh blaming things on Brett, yet, they were totally planning to blindside Brett and sent him to the jury house during the double eviction. Did those two not THINK about the fact that Brett would be walking in right after Haleigh. Really stupid move, and good luck on those two explaining that if they get to the final two; they might, but not together.

No, here comes the excitement, the double eviction HOH, and I was praying to the powers that be that either JC or Brett got the victory to deliver a fatal blow to Tyler, Angela and Kaycee. However, we get another memory comp involving videos where Tyler wins by a single point. Ugh, I really wish we get more question comps, specifically the ‘Before and After’ competition that was a staple in previous seasons of BB. Make the victory a bit harder, because that requires actual thinking, not just looking at a few videos and remembering a few things here and there.

I thought this was a bad move on Tyler’s part, because he did not need to win and potentially burn jury votes in the process. He nominated Sam and JC, who were both livid to be on the block by the person who they thought, was their ally. Sam reeled on Angela and wanted Tyler to nominate her, but nope. During a luck veto, Angela of all people won. Ugh, this is the worst case outcome cause the viewers knew Brett was a goner and he was. Angela gave another stupid speech, followed by Tyler who could barely look at Brett when he nominated him. Brett was utterly blindsided by the move.

Ok, so I’m thinking Brett is about to blow Level 6 out of the water, but he doesn’t. Another disappointment because if my alliance turned on me and was aiming to backdoor me and I KNEW I was going home, I’m blowing everything out the water. By Brett revealing Level 6, he would have thrown Tyler, Angela and Kaycee off their game, and really impacted the reveal of all of Tyler’s Final 2’s. Plus it would have been fun to see how JC and Sam would have reacted to Tyler’s betrayal. Didn’t happen, and we get another Angela HOH, oh good, the boring feeds have really come to fruition at full blast.

Very predictable week, with Sam and JC as nominees, but the interesting development is the fact that Tyler could be burning jury votes with Sam and JC if he makes it to the end. JC is livid at Tyler for being blindsided at the double eviction, Sam is losing it and Tyler is still trying to play the dumb card. It doesn’t work like that Tyler and if you are the super fan you claim to be, you should have known from BB19 that you have to OWN YOUR GAME! He’s still not doing it, and I cannot see why, you don’t have 10 minutes to explain your game in the end, you have 90 seconds to 2 minutes tops, that’s it. I love that JC is finally seeing the light that Tyler has played him; the problem is he needs to have power to make a move.

Kaycee picked up her fourth POV win, and again she did not utilize the power leaving JC and Sam on the block. This was a big week because we went from 7 to 3. Wednesday was a special eviction episode, where Sam was sent packing to the jury house. Sam was not happy this week, as like JC, she seemed to realize that Tyler has been playing her once again. This final four HOH was crucial, because I was super hoping that either Kaycee or JC won, so they could have a shot at nominating Tyler and Angela. It was a whirlwind, as JC finally picked up his first win of the season when he needed it most beating Tyler by 1 point. I was consumed with energy because this totally changes Level 6’s endgame and one of them is headed to the jury and JC got his revenge on Angela and Tyler who became the final nominees of the season. That showmance really hurt them, and why they thought they were keeping it secret was laughable. The veto is the determining factor because whoever wins in essence has all the power, and the BB fandom is praying Tyler wins because it would force him to choose between his showmance and his final two, and it will make for TV gold America!

This talk of Tyler breaking the news to JC about his alliance is NOT going to happen with JC’s win. Just when I thought BB20 couldn’t get any better, the audience gets a surprise that places JC in the final 3 and he gets the opportunity to possibly win it all. Last week I was rooting for Brett, now I’m rooting for JC, only BB can do such a thing to a fan.