HOLLYWOOD—What a week it has been in the “Big Brother 23” house! Last week was tough for many fans of BB23, as we saw the eviction of fan favorite Derek X. He campaigned to the bitter end and even gave a rousing eviction speech comparing Sarah Beth to Nicole Franzel. It was hilarious people, but not enough to save him as he was sent to the jury by a vote of 5-2. At last we get a quiz/memory comp, which was down to Alyssa, Tiffany and Hannah, with Tiffany edging out the win. Yes, Tiffany was our new HOH and had her sights set on Sarah Beth.

Sarah Beth was worried and she should have been considering the move she just made and did her best reasoning possible to try to navigate the target away from her and Kyland. The Cookout finally met as a 6 and confirmed their master plan is working, but be careful of confidence like that all it takes is for the wrong person to win HOH and POV and that 6 can turn into 5. If I am honest, I need to see it happen; I want to see the alliance overcome some obstacles and them be tested in a way that shows their ability to overcome adversity.

Tiffany nominated Sarah Beth and Kyland, giving SB the impression that Kyland was the target, but little did she know, she is the target. As host Julie Chen teased on the eviction episode, the Coin of Destiny is in play. I’m so peeved that the producers really waited till this minute to deliver extra bucks to the houseguests in the latest HOH. A bigger inclination should have been given about the BB Bucks. Hell, Derek X may have played in the roulette game if he knew he had chances to get more money.

With that said, Tiffany got $100 from America, so did Claire, Big D aka Derek F did not. He got $50. So what does that tell me? The voting via text message confused people between Derek F and Derek X. Hell, I had so much trouble it seems very obvious there were issues with the voting. With that said, we all know Big D had enough $$$ to play for the Coin of Destiny, and so did Claire, but the rules of the game were a bit more complicated than expected. I know in the past with the Coup d’etat, the person who used it still had the opportunity to compete in the upcoming HOH. At least that happened in BB11, BB12 (Diamond POV, same thing people), as well as in BB21, but for BB23, the winner could NOT compete for the HOH. Well that is indeed a sudden change.

Well, that doesn’t matter because my girl Claire won the power. Look, even with a large alliance you want to see some resistance people and right now, all we have to root for is Claire and Alyssa, and out of the two, Claire is the most perceptive but she can’t see the alliance staring her right in the face. Claire won the power and the nominations were changed, ONLY to become the same again people. Sarah Beth and Kyland were removed, and replaced again by Claire’s noms. Trust me if this wasn’t Tiffany’s HOH and had Xavier NOT already been on the block, Claire’s noms would have been Xavier and Kyland and rightfully so, but she can’t see alliance staring her right in the face.

SB was falling apart, Derek X warned her she was in trouble, but she did not listen and those chickens are coming home to roost people. The good thing about Tiffany being dethroned as HOH is she can compete in the upcoming competition and made it clear she had no plans of throwing. You shouldn’t, this way you can keep Claire around ’till final 7 and let her take the shot at Xavier and Kyland (which you absolutely need to have happen). The goal is for you to win the game and she needs Claire past 7 to make that happen. Why? Claire is the most loyal person to her in the house and would never nominate her.

Hannah might be the second most loyal, but something tells me her allegiance is to Xavier, and not sure why because if she sits next to him in the end she likely loses, everyone is realizing that, even Kyland who was scatterbrained when Sarah Beth noted that Xavier was looking stronger as the champion of the game. It looks like a week of first for several ladies, first Tiffany, than Claire and now Hannah, who won the POV pretty much sealing Sarah Beth’s fate. Kyland got nervous wanting Hannah to use the POV on him so he could cast a sympathy vote for SB and probably try to swap the vote against Xavier, but Hannah was not budging. This caused major and I mean major friction between Kyland and everyone else in The Cookout. Its looking like a war is brewing between Kyland and Xavier and if all lines up Kyland might be the first to be booted of the six.

Hanna that is NOT smart, it might send alarms to Claire and if Claire who has been on the cusp of connecting the dots about The Cookout, the exposure, could force her and Alyssa to align and then perhaps infiltrate Tiffany at best, maybe Hannah to go against the guys. That would be a fun foursome to be honest, but Hannah has a loyalty to Xavier I don’t understand because I don’t see her beating him in the end. Honestly, I see her having a major challenge claiming victory unless she makes a big move taking out a power player like Kyland, Xavier or Tiffany.

It has been a boring week after the Coin of Destiny and POV was played, but we do have that suspicion that a possible triple eviction (trust me it is the last thing we need right now) could be looming in two weeks. I’m seriously hoping we’re wrong and we have a double, fake eviction some sort of twist that the houseguests are not expecting so we can see this civil war between The Cookout explode instead of seeing things go from 7 to 4 in the blink of an eye.