HOLLYWOOD—After 82 days, the time has come to crown a winner on “Big Brother 24.” The final three is upon us after Brittany was evicted by Monte on Thursday. So we have are only second endurance competition of the entire season with Wienerfest. Monte, Taylor and Turner had to hold onto wieners that spun around, tilt and jolted the contestants. At first Turner, Monte and Taylor all looked solid, but once that hot dog started jolted the contestants like a wild bull it was apparent Taylor was struggling and she was the first to get the boot, soon followed by Monte, giving Turner the winner of round one.

Ugh, that means Monte and Taylor will face off in part two, which is physical and mental, so one would think it’s an even playing field for both of them. However, Monte had just a bit more speed than Taylor by a mild 20 seconds. Yes, 23 seconds people. Wow, so its Monte and Turner doing battle in round 3 of the final HOH people. I don’t like these odds. Taylor vs Monte would GUARANTEE her sitting in the final two chairs. Monte vs Turner gives her a 50 percent chance of sitting in the final two chairs. The pacing of this episode is wickedly fast and I love it.

Turner without a doubt is taking Monte, but Monte is taking Taylor and I really don’t want to see that, but that is what it is people; I wanted Taylor to get herself there. Part 3 of the HOH is no longer a crapshoot like it used to be in the past with the jury members answering a fluke of a question, it is now about stats about each jury member. So with Turner confirming his goal to take Monte, it is all about the jury and guess who is hosting the Jury Roundtable: Dr. Will! The greatest player in BB history, questioned the jury on the final three and who should win the game. It’s nice to see Dr. Will back after being MIA for BB22 and BB23.

Will we see fireworks with this jury and who is still harboring ill intent people? The jury segment is always a fun one people. How would the jury react to see Brittany join them as the eighth jury member? Well Brittany was expected to join and many were not stunned to see her, but it was apparent that Monte was considered a strong contender, and Dr. Will talked about the strong final three, but laughs were made with Turner being a winner. Hmm, that is not a good thing. Joseph and Alyssa advocated for Turner, as did Kyle, but Michael and Joseph acknowledged that Michael got evicted as a result of Monte. Turner’s moves were NOT respected by the jury, not good people.

Joseph advocated Taylor’s strategic moves, Turner playing a shadowy move. Brittany slightly threw Taylor under the bus with her first HOH. Doesn’t make sense, Jasmine honored that Taylor had a survivor’s instinct. Dr. Will noted Taylor had a strategic mechanism to come off the block and build relationships with others. Michael realized Taylor used people in the game to push her game forward. The jury really talked about Monte only being on the block once during eviction night, and managing his threat level people. Indy was close to Monte, but Brittany called Monte’s moves quite safe and overly confident and sloppy. Whoa, Terrance felt like he never connected with Monte who he considered a politician.

With that said, this was a bit of a dry jury roundtable in my opinion people. I WANTED more, and I mean way more in terms of fireworks and just strategy. It felt like Monte had Kyle and Michael firmly in his corner, whereas I was certain Terrance would vote for Monte, it doesn’t seem so after that segment people. Taylor seemed to have Jasmin, Joseph and Brittany in her corner. So after that segment I feel like tossups are Alyssa, Terrance, Indy and I think the jury Q/A and the final speeches will indeed sway how this game turns out people.

Oh, I am so on the edge of my seat with this third competition determining who our final two will be. This competition is called ‘Jury Fest’ and the goal is to choose the false statement. Gosh these questions are so easy people, but I am on the edge of my seat as both Monte and Turner are getting these questions correct. Terrance’s questions had to be the toughest out of the eight people. That question on Michael gave Monte a 1 point lead people. Wow, both Turner and Monte got Alyssa’s question wrong. Terrance, Michael and Alyssa had some hard stat questions, even I was thrown.

Monte won Part 3 of the Final HOH so will Monte make the move and take Turner or Taylor? This is interesting, but I will admit I was on the edge of my seat people. Dude what the hell are you doing? Taylor gave a smart, sweet and lowering her threat level speech before Monte cast his sole vote. Was Turner shocked? Yes, but I think he still respects Monte as a player. Wow, in a big move Monte took out Turner and Taylor has made history being the second African-American woman to sit in the final two seats in the 24 seasons of this game. Danielle Reyes being the last woman back in BB3. Turner delivered his speech noting he didn’t make great moves, but gave the credit to Monte.

This is a historic moment and this finale I’ve been glued to since the moment things kicked off people. Taylor I NEED YOU TO GIVE THE SPEECH OF A LIFETIME to sway the jury to give you the victory and give us the storybook ending to a season that started so ugly, but you rose through the ashes. Second season in a row that two Black contestants have made it to the final two, this is just iconic and I love it people. It was so sweet seeing that embrace between Monte and Taylor realizing they had made the final two people. Julie delivered some laughs talking in Turner slang.

Well the jury is in the backyard people nice twist, I think this was done also in BB22 or I could be wrong. However, potential indicators for the jury voting were evident if you looked at the faces of the jury after they realized Turner had been evicted and Michael and Turner’s guesses were correct. Audio glitch prevented Monte and Taylor hearing the jury, but it was fixed, and Monte was forced to answer the pivotal move he made beyond using the veto to evict Michael. That was a good one, evicting Turner, not sure that was the biggest move personally.

Taylor’s first question was from Michael who asked how she adapted her game after being a target from the start of the game. She had a solid answer to her question and it was vocal and Jasmine was eating it up people. It was beautiful. Joseph was ecstatic to see his besties sitting in the final two. Monte admitted that mistake of not owning to Jasmine and Alyssa his duplicity during his first HOH reign. Jasmine’s question was about a big move Taylor made that no one noticed, and owning that she tried her best to protect the women in the game.

Brittany posed the final question to Monte about his safe game, and for him to mention his risky move and he really did not answer the question in my personal opinion. I got the feeling that Monte was a bit flustered during the jury Q/A. I don’t think he expected Taylor to speak so eloquently. Indy posed the last question to Taylor about being a weak player for being nominated multiple times and that her being strong socially kept her safe when she was on the block more times than anyone else. Turner was given the opportunity to ask Monte why he should get his vote after evicting him and their final two deal and he gave a solid answer. Taylor did way better in the Q/A than Monte; she was vulnerable, Monte not as much in my opinion.

So with the final speech, Monte was first noting his competitive wins and I wish he would have just poured his heart out and show a bit of WHO he is to the jury. He did not do that, it was more of a political speech in my opinion. Solid speech, but nothing that moved me if I was a juror to vote for him; Taylor on the other hand was ferocious.

She pushed women empowerment and talked about how she was treated in the game and it was heartbreaking and I loved every second of her speech and it was powerful as hell. Seeing Josepha and Jasmine smile at Taylor’s speech said so much to me, it was riveting and she laid it all out on the floor. Even Monte was speechless people. Yeah, Taylor Hale from Michigan delivered that people it was iconic. Not sure who Indy voted for, but Jasmine’s vote was clear, Joseph was another shoo-in as I realized the ‘Face and Sword’ of the season was a victory for Taylor in my eyes.

Kyle’s vote I think was for Taylor people and I was certain he was a solid Monte vote, Michael’s vote and Alyssa’s vote was also clear for Taylor. Jeez, this might be a sweep, especially after Brittany’s vote people. Turner who I was certain was voting for Monte, feels like he may have switched his vote to Taylor. Really? Do we have to hear from Nicole, Daniel, Pooch and Ameerah people? Michael and Joseph’s revelation as attorney’s shocked many of the contestants especially Taylor and Turner.

Why did Ameerah feel the need to expose Monte and Taylor? Really, she did that on purpose, and Taylor made it clear that things are very early and the look on Joseph’s face was an awkward moment people. Ooh, I really want to see the vote reveal I don’t care about the Q/A people. Daniel please just shut up. He votes are read and Taylor swept this people. Monte got Turner’s vote, and Taylor got everyone else’s vote. Wow, historic moment. The first African-American woman ever to win this game, 20 years to the DAY that Danielle Reyes lost “Big Brother 3” in a 8-1 vote to Lisa Donahue. Talk about the moons aligning people.

I mean she even earned Terrance’s vote people! Amazing and to see the reaction on Taylor’s face as she got hugs from everyone was just so epic people. This is amazing, a historic end to an epic season, one that was full of controversies, but the most outcast person from the start of the season earned and epic victory. Taylor is just so full of grace, I mean hugging Daniel, Ameerah and having that what appears to be a heartfelt apology from Nicole was just so wonderful to witness.

I could NOT believe the top 3, well 2 of the 3 I expected: Michael and Taylor, but Kyle as America’s favorite player? Really? Even he was shocked that he was in the top 3 people. Like who the hell was pushing for this guy? With that said, Taylor NOT ONLY won the game 8-1, but she was also crowned America’s Favorite Player. This girl just earned $800,000. The most money of a player ever! It was apparent Monte’s ego was slightly bruised, but great end to a season that had a ton of ups and downs. No news from Julie Chen about “Celebrity Big Brother” so that looks to be on ice at the moment people, but for 25 seasons I have reason to believe we might see returning players and I sure hope so.