HOLLYWOOD—My summer is about to become chaotic America because my summer guilty pleasure, the reality competition series “Big Brother” returned on Wednesday, July 6 for its 24th season. Yeah, it’s hard to believe I have been watching every season of this series since in premiered in July 2000. I’ll admit I skipped some of season 1, season 4, didn’t watch season 9 and checked out on season 12 and season 16 near the end as it became predictable. However, I know this series like the back of my hand people, but its looks like our latest season is about to turn the game upside down people.

Per usual the premiere kicked off with Julie Chen Moonves welcoming the audience to the BB house and the ins and outs of everything you say and do being recorded 24 hours a day before we get our introduction into contestants. The first four we got to meet were Kyle, Paloma, Monte and Jasmin. Man tears already seeing Jasmin’s promo and her energy. She seems quite spunky people. Kyle seems like he might be too goofy to the point that he might annoy people. Paloma is energetic, Monte seems like a character, I was surprised to see he can do impressions people. So each group of four will enter the house, grab a ticket for the BB Fest which is likely to impact the competition of the game, three festivals (where a competition awaits), and one ticket is the backstage boss (which means top power people). How likely is that that the first four are all competing in the Porta Potties

The next four to enter the house were Alyssa, Daniel, Michael and Taylor. Alyssa’s energy is bland, but she is a BB fan so that could be interesting. Daniel is also a fan who watches the actual live feeds people. Taylor is a beauty queen and from my home state of Michigan people. Michael is not just an attorney, but quite smart and he is a fan who created the BB Bible. Taylor looks like she might be cutthroat people and Michael knows his stuff.

Michael, Daniel and Alyssa are all visiting the Merch Stand, but Taylor is going to the Piercing Tent. So we will get an HOH tonight as well as a big twist, I wonder what it is people. The next four to enter the house were Nicole, who is a former police officer turned chef people. Nicole is another BB fan so we might have some super fans this season people. We also met Turner aka Matt, Joseph, a lawyer and personal trainer, who looks like he will be eye candy in the house and a lawyer in training people. Then there is Brittany, the hypnotherapist who is a ball of energy people. Wow, we have another fan that has a notebook of strategy people. Nicole headed to the Porta Potties, Brittany, Joseph and Turner were all sent to the Piercing Tent. Which means someone in the last group will have that special ticket, will it be Indy, Ameerah, Terrance or Pooch. Oh wow, Terrance is a bus operator and a DJ people, oh he is about to be a ton of fun people. Indy has only been in America for about 10 years. Pooch is a bit of surprise people, he seems smarter than what I expected. He is also a fan of the show, we have plenty of fans people. Ameerah is quite cultural traveling all over the world and she seems to be willing to do whatever to win. I like that people.

Terrance was headed to the Piercing Tent, Indy and Ameerah visited the Merch Stand, and Pooch has the Backstage Boss Pass, and exactly what that means the audience has yet to learn. Pooch seems like a character that I’m going to like and I didn’t think that. The winner of each competition will move onto the main stage to compete for HOH. Since Pooch has the Backstage Boss Ticket, he cannot compete tonight, which means he has to be safe right?

The first competition involved the Porta Potties (Paloma, Jasmin, Monte, Kyle and Nicole), which was a quiz comp and it involves memory people. First person to answer incorrectly is out, if all answer correctly, the last person to answer is out. Damn that was harsh on Paloma who got drenched in blue people. Jasmin was last and got drenched people. Nicole was wrong and got drenched people. Kyle got drenched even though he tried not to get soaked. Monte was victorious in that first comp, so we have two more to go.

The second competition involved Joseph, Taylor, Brittany, Turner and Terrance at the Piercing Tent that involves attaching the jewelry on the table to their face (all 10 pieces in the correct spots). Fastest person wins. This competition feels just silly and stupid people. Looks like Turner is a front-runner here people and he claimed the victory. The last competition at the Merch Stand involves endurance, hanging onto the t-shirt as long as they can. The last person standing wins. Michael might have the edge here because of his long arms. So it was a battle between Michael and Daniel, but it was Daniel who lasted the longest people. So the first HOH is between three guys: Turner, Daniel and Monte.

So who will be our first HOH? It involves putting a puzzle together people. Daniel looks like he might have this in the bag people. Daniel might be a much bigger threat than expected America. Endurance comp and puzzle master. So the twist involving Pooch comes into play, he cannot compete in any competitions, he cannot vote, but he cannot be nominated or evicted this week. Expect the Unexpected, as Julie revealed that Pooch has the power to pick three other houseguests who can’t compete, can’t be nominated and cannot vote. Unlike Pooch, one of them could be one of the first houseguests sent packing. Oh, that is a power that I would NOT want to have. So this is like BB23 with quick videos to help Pooch make his decision.

Why is CBS showing Pooch’s video, like he is already safe people? Tough decision and then we learn about the Backstage Boss twist and that means we get to vote on who to keep safe likely or who to possibly vote out. I would NOT want to make that decision knowing that I could place someone’s life in jeopardy. Pooch ultimately decided to select who was booted first in the three competitions. Paloma, Alyssa and Brittany were selected.

So Julie you have to spill the beans on this eviction twist that is slated to transpire. So we get to vote on who we want to keep safe. Yeah I think Paloma might be safe, but I have no idea what other twists we can expect this season, but I think after we get feeds things will become a lot more intriguing people. So expect an episode on Sunday at 8 p.m. when we discover who Daniel nominates America. The guilty pleasure is back people!