HOLLYWOOD—Just when I think I am out, they find a way to bring me back in. I’m referring to the CBS reality competition series “Big Brother 24.” This season has instilled a level of frustration in me that I cannot explain in words people, however, week 3 might go down in history as the best week of live feeds people because I gave up on this season on Thursday after Turner became the new HOH and it became clear that Taylor would be the target for the third week in a row, but wow, he knew Friday night after Brittany and Michael were nominated as a pair, all hell would break loose literally.

Look, I had been all out on almost everyone in the season, but it seems Joseph turning 25 in the house was ready to play and with Kyle by his side a new alliance was created and a new threat rose to the ranks. Turner, Joseph, Kyle and Monte created The Pound and realized as Monte alluded to the previous week, that Ameerah was the head of the snake and it was time to strike people. I mean the notion that Nicole was so confident in picking Taylor as her target because she knew she would get a power if Taylor was booted, she was so safe and this woman has showed her ass this week in the house people. Yeah, there’s no power, Nicole, so expect egg to be on your face.

For those that don’t know, BB decided to implement a twist, one that forces the houseguests to play in pairs: Ameerah and Terrance, Taylor and Nicole, Daniel and Kyle, Alyssa and Indy, Turner and Jasmin, Monte and Joseph and Michael and Brittany. The house was about to explode before this twist, and then the twist caused the major alliance to stick together, only for them to explode in epic fashion when Joseph realized the girls might have more power than expected and Ameerah was at the core.

So Friday I thought Taylor was a goner, come Saturday EVERYTHING changed. The episodes WILL NOT show you the glory of week 3; the live feeds will. Nicole planned to throw the POV after she and Taylor were picked to play and was certain her master plan would work. Nope. A diary room session caused Nicole to spiral and so did Daniel and they went on the attack on Taylor that eventually spilled out into the POV competition that was played in pairs and whew the house realized Daniel and Nicole’s wicked behavior and lightbulbs went off in houseguests mind about how Taylor has been treated. Joseph had had enough and let Taylor know if she needed to chat with him she can do it anytime, he didn’t care if it hurt his game. Oh, now it matters? Better late than never people.

With that said, Kyle also realized the shenanigans and then we got the perfect outcome to deliver us an alliance we can root for America in THE LEFTOVERS. However, first let’s celebrate Michael and Brittany winning the POV. The competition was played in pairs and Michael has won 3 consecutive POVs people. Damn impressive and it was the perfect storm for Turner, Joseph, Monte, Kyle, Brittany, Michael and Taylor to align creating this alliance that I’m screaming about because the chaos that just erupted in this house. Kyle spilled all the tea about the Old School alliance thanks to Alyssa getting drunk, sharing too much and being jealous of Taylor having a conversation with Kyle, who reality check Alyssa, Kyle wants the money. You’re cute, but you’re not that cute. Kyle let her down easy, but she still doesn’t get it: he is here to play the game of BB, now “Love Island.”

Who would have thought Monte and Taylor would be working together, and when Taylor was FINALLY clued in on the people who she thought she could trust, but discovered from the 6 in her new alliance that she could not it opened the house in a new direction. I mean Turner just showed up on the episodes this week people. I know some viewers are thinking, who the hell is this guy, he’s the guy who may have just saved the season with the move just made. I have been on an emotional rollercoaster this entire week and the laughter I got witnessing these houseguests who thought they were just going to coast to jury to be blindsided in perhaps the BIGGEST BLINDSIDE I CAN RECALL SEEING IN YEARS on this show, Turner delivered the chef’s kiss with a speech that gosh if the production team doesn’t catch the looks on Ameerah, Daniel, Nicole, Alyssa, Indy, Daniel, Jasmine and Terrance’s face during the POV meeting, it will be devastating. Turner has totally done a 160 in my opinion because I had a preconceived notion of this guy and he has proven you can grow, learn and atone for your mistakes. He knew what was taking place with Taylor was wrong and he called it out in the POV ceremony and did a self-reflection when talking to the cameras directly. Growth, that is what I witnessed and I loved it.

Monday was epic on the live feeds, so much chaos, so much anger, fights, frustration, confusion, lying, deception and just seeing the people on the other side betray one another and fall to pieces was absolutely epic America. Probably the best live feeds moment I can recall seeing since Keesha’s Birthday from BB10 and the aftermath of Jessie being evicted on BB10 people. I was glued to the screen and could NOT stop watching people, it was so satisfying seeing the tears on Ameerah, Jasmine, Alyssa, Nicole and Daniel’s face people. The spiraling and the antics between Nicole, Jasmine, Alyssa, Indy, Daniel and Ameerah; it was just delicious to watch.

They unraveled and it was joy to finally see the people who you can’t stand to grovel and to eat crow for a bit people. Oscar worthy performance from Monte, Kyle, Joseph, Brittany, Michael, Turner and Taylor; these guys planned this out and played this to absolute perfection. I mean watching these guys and gals act like they had NO IDEA what was happening and NONE of the opposing alliance from Old School picking up on it.  Alyssa is too invested in Kyle who is NOT invested in her, Jasmin is doing nothing but scooting and complaining, just as Ameerah realized for the first time in the game, “You in danger girl.”

Without a doubt, the power players of the week are Joseph, Kyle and Turner. Joseph and Kyle really stepped up their gameplay, Taylor rose as a serious contender and Michael and Brittany are meshing well, with Monte and Joseph showing loyalty to this new alliance. Never expected to see these people work together, but I’m glad they are.

We already had one blindside this week and it seems we might get a second blindside with Ameerah having a chat with Julie on Thursday and the other side of the house getting another taste of a blindside and absolute confusion. So you know what that means: this HOH for week 4 will be pivotal. I’m so hoping we have an endurance competition, but something is telling me it might be a crap shoot or questions, and we MIGHT NOT see the first endurance competition until the Festie Bestie twist ends, which I think will happen as soon as jury begins.

At the start of the season I was over BB24, week 3 I’m so invested and cannot wait to see what us unfolds people. Oh, BB Gods you have finally giving the fans what we want which rarely happens.