HOLLYWOOD—Fans of reality television have been eagerly waiting. Waiting for what you ask? The return of the CBS reality competition series “Big Brother,” where its landmark 25th season will kick-off on Wednesday, August 2. Yes, summer’s guilty pleasure has been delayed several weeks, as a direct result of the Writer’s Strike, which looks to have no end in sight.

Well the wait is over, as the 16 houseguests who will be competing this season were revealed on Monday, July 31. The series has been delaying the unveiling of the cast more and more since the first live move in in 2020 during the controversial “BB22” better known as ‘All-Stars 2,’ which fans had been waiting nearly 15 seasons for since “BB7.” There have been teases for what could be expected for the new season, with a recent special that aired on July 26, but it featured BB legends, some not so much. Frankie Grande?

He was quite annoying to fans during his time on BB16. Derrick Levessuer on the other hand, that guy is a legend. Danielle Reyes that is a legend, as are Kaysar and Janelle from “BB6,” I was surprised we didn’t’ get Dr. Will Kirby and Dan Gheesling talking about their time on the show.

With that said, here are some things to know about the new contestants this season. We have 8 people in their 20s. Gosh, I just cannot understand why the show always makes it a mission to cast so many people in their 20s, a few in their 30s, and like 1 or 2 people in their 40s. Fans eager to see more age diversity will get that this year with at least 3 houseguests 40 and up. Yes, that is right, we have real estate agent, Felicia Cannon, who is 63, geriatric physician Hisam Goueli, 45, from Seattle, and Bowie Jane, 45, originally from Australia who now lives in Los Angeles and happens to be a barrister/DJ.

I love that we have more than ONE old person in the house this season. In addition, we have some houseguests who are connected to another CBS reality competition, you may have heard of “Survivor.” Those contestants are Cory Wurtenberger, 21, a college student who is the brother of first-vote off Zach Wurtenberger from “Survivor 42” and we have Jared Fields, 25, an exterminator who is the son of the greatest person to ever play “Survivor” and NOT win, Cirie Fields. Whoa, if Cirie’s son has a tinge of the manipulation that his mother possesses, as recently displayed on “The Traitors” this is going to be a fun season.

Other contestants include medical receptionist, America Lopez, 27, from Brooklyn New York who happens to be a fan of the series. We have Blue Kim 25, a brand strategist from New York, who looks like she might be a force to reckon with this season. Yes, Blue and America are those ladies names America. We have stay-at-home dad, Cameron Harding, 34, that is a first on the series that I can think of. We have professional flutist, Izzy Gleicher, 32, from New York, now I’ve just listed 3 people alone from New York. There is truck company owner, Jag Bains from Washington, and our first Sikh houseguest in 25 seasons. We have Deaflympics gold medalist Matt Klotz, which is great to see on the series after all this time. I really love the eclectic diversity of this cast, perhaps the best we’ve seen since BB10, this feels a bit like old school BB and I like it.

Now could we see potential showmances? Yes, I think Jared could be tempted by two beauties in molecular biologist Kirsten Elwin, 25, from Texas, and political consultant, Mecole Hayes, 30 from Maryland. Hmm, someone with a political background and a molecular biologist, I’m intrigued. Someone who I think might cause problems based on his picture, illustrator Luke Valentine, 30. I don’t know, this guy just screams trouble. Who else screams trouble, Reilly Smedley, 24, a bartender from Nashville, who screams I want to shake up the house. Rounding out the cast, we have Red Utley, 37, who works in sales from Gaitlinburg, Tennessee. Red is giving me Frenchie vibes from BB23, but I’m hoping that is not the case.

I know everyone is asking me, who are the standouts? Well, there are a lot, and I feel like Bowie is going to be a hoot in the house, think Rockstar from BB20, but amplified. There is something about Cameron that gives off the potential to be a sleeper this season. Blue seems like another person people should be careful of as well. She seems like a sniper who is going to wait before she strikes and those are always the scary players. Mecole is giving me a bit rehearsed as most politicians are. That could work against her if her social game is not strong.

Jared if anything like his mother will be extremely dangerous, he better not let it slip that Cirie is his mother because he’ll be targeted ASAP.

Matt and Luke might bro done, while Kirsten something tells me she’s going to be a physical comp threat, but I have my eye on Izzy who I think people will underestimate and deliver the blows people don’t expect to see in the game people.

The first big twist was revealed involving Danielle Reyes, Britney Haynes and Frankie Grande with a time warp/laser that makes me think the show will be celebrating iconic moments and things that have unfolded in the games 25 seasons. Would I like to see some familiar faces? Yes, do I think that is happening? No. I think we have to wait till perhaps the winter, where if this writer’s strike is not solved, we will perhaps (fingers crossed) see a ‘Legends Season’ with the best of the best going toe-to-toe. I would be glued to feeds for 3 to 4 weeks straight if that was to unfold.

We’ll have to wait until premiere night to obtain more details on what exactly is unfolding when “Big Brother 25” kicks off on Wednesday, August 2 with a 90-minute live move-in. Which means the show is likely to move at a feverish pitch, kind of makes me wish we had 2 hours to see the contestants get to know one another and compete. I really hate the rushed competitions if I’m being honest. With summer dwindling down, it looks like fall will be must-see TV on CBS.