HOLLYWOOD—I did not expect a Bowie Jane Head of Household to turn the game upside down on “Big Brother 25,” but here we are. I mean after the vote flip last week on Mecole instead of Felicia, a lot of hell broke loose. The player fans have been waiting to come out finally unleashed some tea on Cory, America and Bowie and Mecole refused to hug Cory and America as she exited. Yeah, Cory is either winning this game if he gets to the end, or tanking his chances with the jury. I’m not quite sure at this point to be honest. However, Cory not getting hugs when people leave the house is becoming more and more of a trend.

With that said, I was watching the HOH competition which was a memory quiz with biting breath. It came down to Bowie and Felicia and I was rooting for Mama F to take the prize, but that tiebreaker question left both ladies dazed. Bowie wrote 27 minutes as she noted she was trying to throw, but later changed to 627, while Felicia wrote 49,500 minutes. Just like that the purple edited Bowie is HOH and in the game and it was nice to see.

Why? We finally got some diary rooms from this lady giving us an explanation of what she is doing and why she is doing it. It was fascinating to witness. However, everyone in the house had their own agendas people. Blue and Cameron wanted America and Cory targeted, America and Cory wanted Blue and Cameron targeted, while Jag and Matt wanted Cameron targeted. Here is the thing about Bowie; she knows how to stand her ground, until she doesn’t know how to stand her ground. We will talk more about that later.

Cirie and Felicia just wanted to stay off the block, but Bowie is still so butt hurt about being blindsided by the ladies over Red leaving she has never forgiven them. Bowie, you do realize Cory, America, Matt and Jag also blindsided you on that vote right? You know who didn’t: Cameron. Look, Cameron might not be my favorite in the house, but I respect him as a competitor. The guy is fighting to survive, strategically not the best, but he is fighting to survive. When Cirie clocked the house (she has a great read on things), she wanted Jag and Matt to push for her and Felicia to be safe because she knows her relationship with Bowie is strained.

Bowie made it clear she knows she’s in the middle. She can ride with America and Cory, Matt and Jag or with Cameron; she is indeed in a great spot, but at some point she will have to pick a side or expose her cards and I think this HOH is about to change Bowie the floater to Bowie a threat. When Cameron was pushed as a target, Bowie shut it down immediately and then nominated Cirie and Felicia because they were the ‘other side.’ Reminder Bowie was very tight with these ladies, but it ultimately led to her revealing Cirie is her target. It is a great move, but how do you get her out?

Cirie is very bonded with Matt, Cameron is no fan of Felicia and Blue is vote for Cirie. That is 3 votes right there, would Bowie actually break the tie if it came to it to send Cirie packing? Who knows, also with Matt comes Jag and they might think Cirie is a better to have over Felicia and we already know Cory and America have a strained relationship with Mama F. Cirie might be your target, but it is hard to get her out the game. With that said, the POV would be vital this week, as almost everyone in the house had a different agenda and wanted to see Cameron, Blue or Cory on the block. In other words, the veto was absolutely being used this week which is damn interesting to say the least.

This week was the return of Zingbot and Otev. Yes, the Scrambleverse is in play and I’ll say it: Zingbot just ain’t funny. He never really was. The zings don’t actually sting like they should. The zings should be related to how they are perceived on the outside or in the house. I hate that so many people know what competitions to expect, which means it is time for the producers to change the comps so there is more unpredictability. With that said, Jag won his third POV.

Yeah, Jag and Cameron are the competition threats and I think people are starting to clock that on Jag, especially Cirie and Felicia. She is about to let the Cory, America, Jag and Matt war erupt, which leaves them, Blue and Bowie in the middle. However, I see a double eviction coming, and it has to be October 19 or October 26. We’re going to go from 8 to 6 or 7 to 5 real soon. That DE is going to be critical to the final stage of the game because shots are going to be fired and whoever is left standing will pick up the pieces to make big moves.

This POV was critical because it has set the stage for the Cameron backdoor. Bowie was against it, but when a plan was shifted to explain to Bowie how powerful the move would be to ensure her safety for the coming weeks she started to consider it. She wanted a ‘reason’ to place Cameron on the block. She seems all in on Jag and Matt, which I think is the move to a degree. Jag might take her to the end, but I don’t know if she wins against either of them. With Cory and America, her chances rise a bit more. She would absolutely defeat America in a final two. So when Jag spilled the tea to Bowie about what Cameron had been saying about him, she was ready to pull the trigger.

Bowie this is not a great move, but it isn’t bad either. Why? Cameron is not coming after you and you’re in jury now, you’re probably burning a jury vote and with only 7 people voting, EVERY VOTE MATTERS! Just because Cameron is the house target, doesn’t mean he is your target. Let him stay in the game and let others’ take him out, never take out the house target; you’re simply doing everyone else a favor, take out someone who might be a threat to your game like Blue who is actually targeting you if she can’t get Cory or America out. Not Cameron who doesn’t even have you on his radar.

Cameron, if going out the game was going guns blazing by exposing Matt and Jag to America, who spilled to Cory that they manufactured that vote flip on Mecole. Cory if you spent less time with America and actually played the game you would be in a good position. So a war is indeed brewing and with Comic week coming, I have no clue what the HOH will be, but it is indeed vital to where the next phase of the game goes.