HOLLYWOOD—Whew, these people are driving me insane in the “Big Brother 25” house. This notion of a split house is not so much a split house with everyone constantly trying to create an alliance that consists of at least 8 people. Ugh, I hate “Big Brother 16” so much for this notion that an onion alliance idea that has become key to dominating the game.

Talk about messy players and messier game play because some people have too much time on their hands and are spiraling as a result. Cirie is good at “Survivor,” but “Big Brother” not so much. She has herself encapsulated pretty well, but paranoia gets the best of her, and it shows in her messy antics. Advice to all “Big Brother” players, if you think taking out the house target will improve your game, it will NOT. Never do your opponent or someone’s else’s dirty work because it benefits them not you. Just look at BB6 if you want advice and what to and what not to do. Kaysar went after his target not the house target and shattered the game open as a result, which is what you want.

Hisam made massive waves with his ego and approach to The Professors alliance and those outside of the alliance by targeting Reilly and sending her packing last Thursday. As I expected, the week 3 HOH was a crap shoot and Felicia took the win. She did not think for herself, she allowed Izzy and Cirie to control her HOH to set a plan in motion to target Hisam by backdooring him. As a result, Cameron and Jag became ‘pawns’ to put this masterplan in play. Hisam still wasn’t picking up cues that he was in danger, and when he didn’t get picked for the Power of Veto, it all but sealed his fate. FYI, Felicia is just as bad as Hisam was, and I’ve soured on her. She might be old, but she is petty as hell. That isolation tactic on house targets, I hate that, and it immediately makes me favor a player like Cory, whose is a beacon of light shutting down bad behavior and commentary when he sees it.

Do I like the random selection of veto players, yes, but I also think the game needs to evolve and give each contestant an opportunity to save themselves, if need be, by a play-in coin for the veto if they’re not chosen. Why? It makes it that much harder to backdoor someone and it would also force the HOH to really consider rather to nominate someone as a pawn if they’re unsure if the actual target can play for veto. It makes the game harder in my opinion.

Look, the snot episode was abysmal and annoyed the hell out of me. The gag was funny the first time, but after 7 times, not so much. Where the hell was the damn strategy? I get BB is supposed to be funny, but some of us want to see actual gameplay. Jared, oh, Jared, he came across a bit misogynistic this week with his comments about women. I’m not that impressed with this guy. Yes, he is 25 and he’s Cirie’s son, but strategy and just witnessing his behavior on the live feeds, I want to see him on the block. His biggest issue is he talks too much. Shut-up and listen for once, why in the hell would you clue Blue into a secret you have, you’re playing with dangerous fire and you’re not realizing it.

Make it make sense. If the house figures out you and Cirie are mother and son, your ass is out before she is. Why play with fire if you don’t have to? He thinks he’s protected on all sides, but little does he know, Cameron is planning to target him, as is Cory (at some point) and I can also see America doing the same). Cirie needs to touch base with Jared a bit more than what she is doing, his showmance with Blue is dangerous, but their secret coming out will be game ending for one if not both of them.

Red and Cameron are a duo, which everyone sees, but they are bumbling fools. There reads are really bad on the house. Cameron is a bit off at times, but he is starting to improve. It is bad when I’m liking Cameron more than Felicia, Cirie and Jared. The guy is completely off, especially if you watched him on the live feeds during week 1, but he has his sights set on the core. Which includes Jared, Cirie and Izzy and instead of targeting Hisam, Cameron should be the one to get the boot, which is very possible, if Cirie and company discover exactly what Cam has been saying to Red.

The episodes this week did a terrible job of portraying the absolute mayhem of Cirie, Izzy, Felicia and company. The target went from Hisam to Red to America to Blue to Cory to Mecole to Bowie to Matt, hell, almost everyone in the house was a target at one point. The person whose stock is dropping the most is Mecole. She was part of the inner core, but her neglect to talk gameplay or give Cirie and company game info as they requested it, has them thinking she is working with another alliance called the ‘Middlemen’ (it doesn’t exist). Thank Cory for that because he thinks his jokes are just jokes, but Cirie and company suspected it was real and has been playing the game as if it is.

Makes me wonder why people think Jared’s word is gospel, but I am so glad Cory pegged that Jared is dangerous and saying that name as a target can lead to you becoming a target, i.e. America. America and Cory are being considered a showmance, but neither have fallen into that trap, they are thinkers, and to be honest, Cory is impressive as a player. He navigated that target away from America and back on Hisam and trust me, America was in some serious danger and she still is.

If Cory, America and Mecole could align, oh, that would be my dream trio. I don’t want to see this massive alliance dominate the game; I want to see people play the game for themselves on a week-to-week basis. The more people in an alliance the more dangerous it becomes. However, those three are constantly throwing each other under the bus in subtle ways they least expect. Mecole in particular is there, but not playing the game the way she needs to. She’s a serious target possibly going into week 4 so this HOH which is the long-awaited return of the Pressure Cooker is a must-win for her, I think. Cory and America have to split, they are being seen as a duo and if the wrong person wins HOH they both could hit the block.

Fans have wanted this competition to return since the 14 hour battle in BB6 that turned the game upside down. Do I expect the Pressure Cooker for BB25 will be as iconic as BB6? Meh, if Hisam stays, oh, it will be must see TV, especially if word gets out to Mecole and America they were near targets this week is leaked. Cameron being blindsided would be gold because it would also force Red to realize he’s on the outs, so you would have a ton of people vying for that HOH to ensure their safety.

There is intrigue, but I hope it’s a cut and dry comp, hand on a button, last one standing wins, we know the Scary-verse will erupt here so I’m expecting creepy crawlers potentially inside the box with the contestants, which would be so tough for me. Someone did mention the notion of a dark pressure cooker, the contestants can see inside, but not outside. That is very intriguing to say the least.

Hisam got blindsided during Monday’s POV meeting and I was eager to see how he would react and this is important for what transpires come Thursday night. Does he get the boot or does he stick around? Cirie and company failed to realize he can win comps; he can be weaponized to dwindle the numbers of potential targets on the other side, and Cirie and company are missing the blind spot in Cory, he is targeting her at some point. I so want an America HOH, cause I think she will target Izzy, Felicia, Cirie and Jared, and they need to be knocked off that pedestal.

Oh, Izzy on the block would be feeds gold, because she will spiral like hell, and Cirie and Jared will be scared sick she might spill their secret and what fun will the game be when that secret erupts.