HOLLYWOOD—We are really getting into the thick of things in the latest episode of “Big Little Lies.” This week’s episode, ‘She Knows’ saw the lie about Perry ramp up in epic proportions and a new villainess has emerged in the forefront. We saw another flashback of Perry’s demise and the ladies attempting to get their stories together, this time it was from Madeline’s point of view. The ladies were ready to celebrate Halloween with their kiddies, just as Renata started to plan for her daughter’s big party.

It was funny to see Renata and Madeline who despised each other last season, bond as they discussed their marital woes. Mary Louise, uninvited to Madeline’s to reveal to the women that she has purchased a unit right in Jane’s complex. Um that immediately caused Jane, Madeline, Celeste, Renata and Bonnie to raise their eyebrows. This woman is a mess; I mean she refuses to see the evil ways of her son. She poked at Celeste to the point that led to Mary Louise getting a vicious slap to her face. Caught me by surprise, but I liked it.

Renata and Gordon appeared in bankruptcy court, where the harsh reality of her finances was placed on the table for all. She did her best to bite her tongue, but her focus was on planning her daughter’s disco party, it was more for the adults not the kid’s people. The women and kids look like they were having tons of fun, just as Madeline started to question if the ladies blame her for the secret. Renata continued to take her anger out on Gordon about the situation that he has placed the family in. Bonnie’s mother picked up on bad energy between her daughter and her pals, and it worried her.

Ed and Nathan got into a little tiff that annoyed Renata to the core; so much to the point that she immediately diffused the tension between the two gentlemen. Corey learned more about Jane’s rape which threw him for a loop to say the least. While the ladies were having fun, Mary Louise was busy filing a petition with the court to take custody of Josh and Max from Celeste. Oh, this is about to be good.

Bonnie’s mother collapsed while at the party, after having a vision. It was later revealed that she suffered from a stroke, creating further stress for Bonnie as she battled her father. Celeste had a one-night stand that left Mary Louise and her boys speechless. Celeste was in a complete daze and gave Mary Louise more ammunition for her goal to take her grandkids from her mother. Madeline is keeping her eye out on Mary Louise and rightfully so because this woman is no saint, neither was her son.

Celeste was livid when she discovered that her mother-in-law filed a petition to take her kids from her and even went to her therapist to vent about the situation. Concerns continued to rise for the Monterey Five as they discovered that the authorities might still be piecing together a case with the women involving Perry’s death. Jane confronted Mary Louise about her stunt involving Celeste, and it does indeed make one question if this woman wants Ziggy in her custody as well.

The episode concluded with Bonnie’s mom awakening from her hospital bed. Oh, she knows her daughter was entangled in that death, the question is what will she do with this information and how will she approach her daughter about it. We’ve already plowed through four episodes and we only have three episodes left, so things are only going to intensify from here.