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“Big Little Lies” Recap: ‘I Want To Know’

HOLLYWOOD—It has finally arrived people, the second season finale of the HBO hit “Big Little Lies” has dawned on us. This has been a...

“Big Little Lies” Recap: ‘Kill Me’

HOLLYWOOD—We have only two episodes left, before the second season of “Big Little Lies” wraps. The latest episode, ‘Kill Me’ was a bit slow...

“Big Little Lies” Recap: ‘She Knows’

HOLLYWOOD—We are really getting into the thick of things in the latest episode of “Big Little Lies.” This week’s episode, ‘She Knows’ saw the...

“Big Little Lies” Recap: ‘The End Of The World’

HOLLYWOOD—Another episode, another revelation on “Big Little Lies.” This time it is undeniably certain that Mary Louise is delusional. In the episode, “The End...

“Big Little Lies” Recap: ‘Tell-Tale Hearts”

HOLLYWOOD—This was indeed a very fun episode of “Big Little Lies.” Last week the audience was reintroduced to the core five, but in this...

“Big Little Lies” Back For Season 2!

HOLLYWOOD—This was the HBO series that came out of nowhere, "Big Little Lies." It was a series that just had it all: fine acting,...
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