HOLLYWOOD—How the mighty has fallen on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” I remember a year ago I could not wait for Bill Spencer to receive his comeuppance, and now I’m sitting back and watching the great Ridge Forrester take a massive tumble. I mean watching Ridge gravel at the feet of Bill Spencer was so much fun. It was like Bill was the judge and he was ready to execute a decision that would have ripple effects for years to come. Katie, Brooke, Thorne, Ridge and Judge McMullen were all forced to listen to Bill gloat and plan his next attack.

He claimed to be a changed man, but has Bill Spencer changed? At the moment, yes, because after nearly killing him, Bill didn’t turn him into the authorities, and after learning about the custody suit, Bill still choose not to turn his enemy into the police. So what has changed? Well the audience is well aware it’s Brooke Logan. Yet, Brooke is still married to Ridge so this sets the stage for a new love triangle to reignite, one that will be quite interesting to say the least. I mean, Ridge did cheat on Brooke with Quinn, just as Brooke shared a few kisses with Bill, but it was not consensual if you ask me.

We all know Bill, when he wants something he doesn’t stop until he gets it. Look at the extremes he went to pursue Steffy, and let’s be real Brooke has always been the one for Bill Spencer, but his ego ultimately led to his downfall. Ridge is well aware that Bill is putting on this act to win back Brooke’s heart and as vicious as Bill can be, Ridge can be just as vicious. So expect this battle for Brooke’s heart to culminate with some explosive action.

Even Liam is on the verge of forgiving his father after he not only slept with his wife, but blew up his marriage in the process, nearly killed him in an explosion and punched him at the same time. Katie has chosen to share custody of Will with Bill, knowing that if she didn’t Bill could turn the whole custody case on its head shattering the Forrester dynamic in the process. I mean Wyatt continued to tot himself as the holy one and it’s really getting on my last nerves. Note to the writers: give Wyatt Fuller aka Wyatt Spencer a storyline already. The guy is not doing much and almost feels expendable at this point if you ask me.

This leads to a rivalry that is boiling between Pam and Quinn. Even Donna, who is back working at Forrester Creations, was concerned about a few jokes Pam made about Quinn. Yeah, Pam was cruel to Donna in the past, so imagine, what antics she might unleash on Quinn who has threatened to crack her head like an egg. Both ladies are stewing and the question that I want to know most is who will make the first strike. I sense Quinn, and to be honest I want to see her dark side reemerge; there is nothing like seeing an unhinged Quinn Fuller on the loose, and up against a formidable foe to say the least.

Pam is pushing Quinn’s buttons in a major way, one that is seen by Eric, Donna and so many others. With that rivalry igniting, I’m starting to sense that Ridge might do something extreme to prevent Bill from getting his claws into Brooke yet again.