MALIBU—Professional basketball player, Blake Griffin, 31, was seen at the beach in Malibu on Memorial Day, without a face mask as he played outdoors with friends.  The forward  for the Detroit Pistons was photographed not participating in recommended social distancing rules. He was seen standing less than six feet away from individuals who he was conversing with. Despite CDC guidelines, Griffin was not wearing a face mask throughout the day. 

Blake was wearing a gray Carhart sweatshirt paired with bright yellow shorts, before making an outfit change into a floral print shirt later in the day. The athlete remained low key throughout the celebrations by adorning a fitted baseball cap and thinly-rimmed shades. 

While the NBA 2020 season was not cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been postponed since March 11. Reports from last week indicated that the NBA has been in talks with the Walt Disney Company about restarting the season at one location in Orlando, Florida. Instead of using multiple locations, the league is focusing on using one site for all of the games.

Blake Griffin.

The six time NBA All-Star is not only a basketball player, but  an actor, entrepreneur, and a brand and activist for many causes. He is the founder of the ‘Team Griffin Foundation,’ which is committed to providing the best opportunities for young men and women to grow and learn essential lessons of life, competition and hard work. 

To learn more about Blake Griffin and  his work visit He can also be found on Instagram and Twitter, @blakegriffin23.