WEST HOLLYWOOD—On February 28, at approximately 2 p.m., a West Hollywood dog walker fought off would be thieves who attempted to steal his watch. The victim of the attack was later identified as Rocco DiStefano, 29, who is a body builder who owns The Lab Athletic Club located at 8305 Sunset Blvd in West Hollywood.

The incident was captured by surveillance cameras outside the gym showing DiStefano stepping out of the gym in his gray sweat suit, his Rolex on his arm, and his small white dog at the end of a leash.

Three suspects in a black Cadillac sedan rode up beside DiStefano, jumped out and charged at him.  “When I turned around, it was three armed men running up on me. One had a gun,” DiStefano told KTLA. The armed suspect threatened the victim, telling him to “take it off,” pointing to the watch and give it to him, or else he’d shoot him.

DiStefano, who is a trainer by trade has spent some time in the boxing ring. His techniques helped him fend off his would-be robbers, and they all left empty-handed.

Canyon News reached out to Rocco DiStefano, also known as, “Rocco the Chemist,” for a more information, but did not hear back before print.