HOLLYWOOD—Can you believe it? The love triangle between Steffy, Liam and Hope might finally be caput on “The Bold and the Beautiful?” I never thought this moment would transpire, but it is indeed happening. Steffy finally made a decision to stop dancing around her relationship with Liam. It was a triumphant moment, but at the same time, I was certain Steffy was the one who called it quits, before putting that ring on Hope’s finger telling her to marry Liam.

Was it a bold move? Of course, but this is Steffy Forrester America, the woman does not suffer fools easily and I cannot blame her to say the least. Liam was all noble about wanting to propose to Hope the right way, which he was later able to do, only at Steffy’s expense. Look at this point, I’m glad Steffy is single; she can now focus her attention on a guy who will not be torn between her and someone else to say the least.

Bill has come to his senses, and is no longer pinning after Steffy at least for the moment and delivered a heartfelt plea to Liam asking for his forgiveness. It’s nice to see, but I’m not certain that will transpire anytime soon, Bill did the unthinkable and Liam while a forgiving person realizes his father completely shattered his marriage to Steffy and the life he thought he would have.

This latest development has given Bill plenty of opportunity to focus his attention elsewhere, this time on his ex, Katie. Bill is not happy to see Thorne and Katie together and we all know, whatever Bill wants he tends to get, but could we see round three between Bill and Katie? I don’t’ know, anything is possible on “B&B” America. I kind of like this; it’s nice to see Bill redirect his anger at another foe, one that doesn’t involve Liam or Wyatt for a change.

I’m still baffled and I mean that literally with Thorne trying to go to war with Bill. Does Thorne have any idea who he is messing with and just how treacherous Bill can be to get what he wants? I mean look what he did to Wyatt and Liam and those are his sons, can you imagine what he will do to Thorne who is a complete stranger? I like this dynamic and it looks like it could be a ton of fun.

While one love triangle fractures, another blossoms as it seems the death of Harry the cat, is bringing Zoe and Xander closer because they shared a kiss. Emma has been adamant about getting rid of Zoe out of fear that she could be dangerous. I would have to agree with Emma on this, but it looks like Xander might be blinded a bit by his love for Zoe. Thorne and Hope are in agreement of hiring Zoe, but I wonder how Sally will feel about her ally turned nemesis. I’ll be honest I don’t think she would be too happy to say the least.

I just find it amazing how easily Thorne and the others gave Zoe a second chance after threatening a staff member and knowing beyond a reasonable doubt she was guilty of the crime. I do have a question what the hell happened to Sheila Carter? It’s like she has vanished and that is not something I expected from a character of her caliber, the “B&B” has some explaining to do.