SANTA MONICA—On November 3, at 2:48 p.m., the Santa Monica Police Department announced via Twitter that officers were at Santa Monica High School after reports of a bomb threat.

“The #SantaMonica Police Department is on the #SAMOHI campus for a bomb threat. No device or suspicious items have been located. Students remain on campus as our staff conduct a precautionary search of the area. Please see the message below from #SMMUSD [Santa Monica Unified School District] personnel.”

“Dear Samohi Family, At approximately 11:42 a.m. the switchboard operator received a phoned in bomb threat, alleging the bomb was set to go off within 5 minutes. The school contacted the police immediately following the phone call. The school is currently in a shelter-in-place, and all students are safely in classrooms.

The security team, Santa Monica Police Department, and administrators are currently weeping the campus. We will provide an update once the campus is swept and school resumes as normal,” stated Principal Marae Cruce.

The SMPD addressed questions by concerned parents via social media.“Once all areas have been cleared, students will be available for pick up by parents using the typical protocols for early release,” the SMPD stated.

Officers brought dogs to search for a potential bomb. Parents expressed their dismay on Twitter their children were sheltering in place inside the building that received a bomb threat.

At 4:32 p.m., the SMPD announced that Santa Monica High School was “cleared and that no suspicious items were found.” The Shelter-in-Place was lifted and students were released for the day.