HOLLYWOOD—There is so much madness taking place right now on “General Hospital” I don’t know where to begin. I guess I should start with the hot button issue of the hour: Anna Devane went missing! Yes, Anna, who has been secretly working alongside Finn and the treacherous Valentin Cassadine to take down drug dealer Cassandra may have met her match. Why? In their latest plan to bug Cassandra’s phone, the elusive one discovered the ruse that Anna, Valentin and Finn has pulled over her.

As a result, she pummeled Valentin after learning her warehouse in China has been raided and the fire under her has been lit and she is now on the radar. Complicating the situation is Finn and Anna not realizing that their cover has been blown and Cassandra is onto their ruse. As a result, Cassandra had Anna kidnapped, leaving Finn to wonder about his new love interest and her whereabouts. But Anna was able to escape thanks to Valentin giving her a hint. They took out Cassandra’s henchmen and headed back to town. I will admit smart choice by the writers to have these pairing with Anna and Finn; it’s a winner people. Anna still has her hand in other cookie jars including that ornament (disco ball) Andre gave to her, the one that contains Drew’s memories people!

I couldn’t believe that after close to 2 years, the rigging of the election storyline finally came to a head with Lulu, yes, Lulu of all people discovering that Mayor Lomax’s election was rigged and her brother Nikolas played a role in the fiasco. Yes, we all know that, he did that to maintain power, but I’m starting to sense that “GH” is planning to have Nikolas return to the canvas really soon, even though he won’t be played by Tyler Christopher, who has made a new home for himself on the NBC soap “Days of Our Lives.” Interesting career choice for Lulu, and to be honest it works. However, I sense her new boss Peter, might be up to more shady dealings than we expect.

I mean I sense he has a torch for his protégé which could cause a bit of trouble in paradise for Dante and Lulu. Not to mention she has decided to do some digging into the role Cesar Faison played in the Drew and Jason mix-up. Speaking of Faison, we know he’s not the father of Nathan, but Liesl is still being coy with Nathan who is concerned about his parentage. At this point, I think he knows Victor Cassadine is not his father, which created a lightbulb in my mind to see Maxie connect the dots that Valentin could be Nathan’s dad. Yes, it is a very real possibility and with Amy working on that DNA test for Maxie we might learn just who Nathan’s father is after waiting nearly 3 years for an answer.

Other rumblings take “GH” by storm is rather a possible love triangle could be brewing between Griffin, Ava and Kiki. Hmm, I sure hope not as that would just be super odd, but at the same time it would only be fitting considering that Ava has betrayed her daughter in the worse ways its retribution to say the least. Not the case people because once Ava learned that Griffin and Kiki were working to restore her face, Griffin and Ava took their relationship to the next level by making love.

However, the focus of the hour once again returns to the Jason, Sam and Drew saga. It is apparent that Sam is starting to get closer and closer to Jason by the hour, I mean Carly’s ruse led to the former super couple sharing a kiss on New Year’s Eve, just as it seemed that Kim and Drew might spark up some memories from their past. That Carly, she sure knows how to stir the pot, and considering that Drew has already exploded on those that betrayed him; he might not take Carly’s latest stunt so likely.

That brings me to another bombshell taking place: Nelle is pregnant. Michael is by her side, but when you have Drew who barely knows Nelle questioning rather the bundle she is carrying is Michael’s that is a sign he better get a DNA test ASAP, cause it’s likely Nelle is doing whatever she can to cover her tracks to stay in Port Charles after all her shenanigans. However, no news is bigger than the possible shake-up in the political world because it looks like the seat for Mayor of Port Charles is now wide open that Lomax has been booted. So who is in the running? Laura Collins of all people, who just married Kevin! Yeah, that is a surprise I did not see coming soap fans.

With February sweeps a few weeks away, my gut tells me the big tale of the hour will be the revelation of who Nathan’s father is, not to mention a possible return from Cesar Faison to reveal the mastermind who put him up to identity switch of Jason and Drew. Big time tales are headed to “General Hospital” people, but as always patience is key!