HOLLYWOOD—Seems like 2018 is the year that secrets explode and in a big way. Why? It has been weeks since Abby and Scott hooked up on “The Young and the Restless.” While Sharon has been on cloud nine, Faith, Mariah and Nick learned that her lover has not been faithful to her. Nick spotted his nemesis (Scott) kissing his sister on New Year’s Eve. Yeah, that is quite tricky to say the least. Does Nick stay loyal to his sister or to the woman who is soulmate even if he doesn’t realize it? Nick shared the bomb with Sharon who reacted in epic fashion by confronting not only Scott, but Abby as well.

So what was Sharon’s response? She dumped food over Scott and delivered one hell of a slap to Abby. However, it was Abby’s response that was hilarious. Why? She decided to slap Sharon across her face people. I have to say Abby has a bit of history being the other girl. Does everyone remember her hookup with Summer’s hubby Austin, and now she has done it yet again with Scott. Seems like Abby likes to be the other woman if you ask me, and doesn’t show too much remorse for it to say the least.

I called it months ago, the hatred between Abby and Scott was nothing more than lust and once those two gave into that lust it would change everything. The question we all want to know is what Sharon will do now that she knows about Abby and Scott’s tryst, will she kick him to the curb or attempt to fix their fractured love affair. Imagine this entire madness taking place as Victor and Nikki decided to renew their vows. Oh yes, the mustache blackmailed his wife in so many words to stand by his side and attempt to renew their love that has been off and on for years. Simply put, Victor is his own worst enemy.

While one couple is on the rocks, another might be headed to a rebirth for their romance. Cane and Lily were shattered after she learned he slept with Juliet, but making the situation worse was learning that Juliet was pregnant with Cane’s baby. Complications with her pregnancy led to Juliet dying, opening the door for Cane and Lily to come back to one another. Thank God, the writers did not attempt a Hilary and Cane hookup. I will admit that would have been interesting to watch. Jill, the matchmaker she is, has been working overtime to get Cane and Lily back together, but for reasons I cannot fathom, the stubbornness between Lily and Cane to acknowledge their feelings is devastating. Jill tried her magic on Victoria and Billy without much success.

Speaking of Victoria she has her hands full with Reed who is turning out to be a wild child. His arrest for DUI led to tough love from Vicky, Nikki and JT who has decided to stay in town. Why did I know that was going to happen! The writers are planning to put JT and Victoria back together, now that he is separated from Mac. However, the New Year didn’t just kick off with the truth about Scott and Abby being exposed, it led to what is certain to be the biggest storyline of 2018, the disappearance of Christian! Yes, we’ve been getting teases in recent weeks from Victor who has threatened Chelsea with the possible truth about Christian’s true paternity. Yes, this has played out for the past 2 years if you ask me, and it’s a secret that FINALLY needs to come out.

Nick is not Christian’s father Adam is, and when that bomb drops and the fact that not only did Victor know, but so did Chelsea lives are going to explode in epic fashion. Nick has already lost Sage, so the fact that the child that he suspected was his and Sage’s is not his will indeed take him over the edge. This might be the one thing that finally brings Sharon and Nick back to one another America, just saying it could happen. Where the missing child storyline is headed, I have no idea, but I’m hoping, fingers crossed we’ll finally see Adam Newman return in the flesh, we all know he’s not dead “Young and Restless” fanatics!