TOPANGA CANYON—On the afternoon of Thursday, July 8, firefighters and rescue teams responded to a brush fire just north of the 118 at Topanga Canyon Boulevard.  The quick response was a testament to the effective and integral support of the rescue and police teams of Los Angeles and Ventura County.

Upon arrival, rescue teams found five acres of brush burning uphill from the freeway.  CHP joined in the efforts, closing the left three lanes of the 118 in order to secure the area and avoid further damage and injury.  The fire was traveling towards residences, so teams worked quickly to engage the fire and suppress the flames.

Water-dropping helicopters arrived quickly and proceeded to cover the affected area.  Residents’ responses were also swift and in compliance with protocol, and, as a result, all homes in the area were saved.

The LAFD maintains an up-to-date and efficient blog moderated by highly active and accomplished members of the community. On a piece about the brush fire, submitted by Erik Scott, Spokesman for the LAFD, Scott described the incident as, “A well coordinated air and ground assault from the Los Angeles Fire Department, Los Angeles County Fire Department and Ventura County Fire Department.”

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