BURBANK—Who do you call when you need that dream fireplace or barbecue installed, and you want to make absolute sure you hire the best?Look no further than Burbank Fireplace & BBQ.

Located at 833 North Hollywood Way, Burbank Fireplace & BBQ caters to both Burbank residents and Southern California locals looking for top-flight service.

Owner Edward Hayrapetian brings both skill and the respectable experience of over nine years to this venture. Burbank Fireplace & BBQ was officially opened in October 2008. Before opening Burbank Fireplace & BBQ, he operated Ed’s Fireplace & BBQ for a number of years. This business has many impressive projects under its belt, from the simple to the highly elaborate. Some of the more elaborate installations  have included a fireplace in a five-story building, inside of a first-floor restaurant, and the construction of a one-of-a-kind, 9-foot-tall, free-standing fireplace, in the middle of a private residence.

One way in which this business stands out from the competition is its close connection with the city  of Burbank. “Residents of Burbank are very supportive , they keep their business local and that is [very much] appreciated,” explained one of the friendly  employees of Burbank Fireplace & BBQ.

“What separates us from the competition is the service we provide to the customers,””ˆhe continued.

The customer can also find comfort in the fact that those at Burbank Fireplace & BBQ genuinely want to please their customers, not simply sell them on a product. “We don’t work on any kind of commission, we don’t try to sell the customer some thing they will not need,””ˆhe explained,  “We will help you achieve the look you are after by guiding you to the right items, on fireplaces and BBQ.  We can let you know what will and will not work for you before you purchase the items. If some thing is not needed we never try to up-sell you.”

Customers can expect to find the best brand names for BBQ and fireplace needs, including gas logs, fire glass, tool sets, screens, custom-built BBQ islands and anything to do with fireplaces. The skilled owner of Burbank Fireplace & BBQ, who has completed more than 1,000 fireplace logs installations and around 900 gas and wood burning fireplaces, also service and install items sold in the store.