POINT OF VIEW—November 8, 2022, for many, is a day that could not get here soon enough. It has been two long years since 2020, Presidential election. The House of Representatives flipped to blue and Democrats took over the White House.

Election fraud claims ran rampant. Whether you believe the Presidential election was stolen or not, there were documented cases of election fraud nationwide. Little to nothing was done about it more than likely because the results of 2020 benefitted the reigning party.

Regardless, of what happened then, it is election day. The polling stations are required to be monitored So, so here is your chance to make a positive change. There are too many candidates to list all of the races here.

Reports indicate that making a change is now a bi-partisan effort. The people have spoken. They are weary of the high gas prices, the influx of immigrants, inflation, unemployment, and lack of support for the U.S. Military alone are reasons to get out and vote today.

You may be in love with Governor Gavin Newsom. You may be happy he legalized gay marriage. You could be proud that California was one of the very first states to begin mandatory shutdowns and COVID-19 mandates. The escalating crime rates and homelessness may not bother you at all, but if it does, you have options.

Newsom reinstitutes California Mask Mandate

You can vote him out of office. There are six Republicans running for Governor in the state of California.

Ronald A. Anderson, Christian Raul Morales, Daniel R. Mercuri, David Lozano, Robert C. Newman II, and Leo S. Zacky are all Republican contenders for the Governor’s seat.

There are a few Democrat Gubernatorial candidates to choose from as well including the incumbent, of course, Gavin Newsom, Jessica Harvey, Phong Tran, Armando “Mando” Perez-Serrato, and Anthony “Tony” Fanara.

According to Ballotpedia, Jeff Scott is the only Independent running in the Governor’s race.

There are two candidates running to unseat Governor Gavin Newsom who have no party affiliation. They are James Hanink and Mark Kravis.

Two candidates listed the Green Party as their political affiliation. They are Carla Yesenia Carranza and Luis Javier Rodriguez.

For Lt. Governor, Republican David Fennell is running to unseat Eleni Kounalakis who was appointed to her position in an Executive Order by Governor Gavin Newsom.

Mark Meuser, is running to unseat Senator Alex Padilla who was appointed Senator in 2021 when former Senator Kamala Harris took office as Vice President.

Nancy Pelosi.

Congresswoman and Speaker of the House, and third in line to the Presidency, Nancy Pelosi is on the ballot today. She has refused to answer if she will continue to serve should the Republicans gain control of the House. Pelosi and Senate Pro Tempore (4th in line to the Presidency) Patrick Leahy are both 82 years old and are not expected to keep their seats should Republicans flip the House.

Congressman, Adam Schiff is also up for election. There are 10 candidates seeking his seat.