HOLLYWOOD HILLS— On Tuesday, July 28th, world-renowned DJ Calvin Harris put his 6,000 square foot property on sales.

The property is being sold for 5.5 million dollars. The large house includes four bedrooms, three bathrooms along with two half bathrooms. The house is being sold through “Million Dollar Listings”, and is placed upon a high street that comes with extensive privacy. 

Calvin Harris is the highest-paid DJ in the world. Last year alone, he accumulated over 36 million dollars.  Harris owns several properties in the Los Angeles area. He not only owns a house in Hollywood Hills, but also in Beverly Hills and Bel-Air.

Harris, in recent times, tried to put the house up for sale but without much success. Harris partnered with “Hilton and Hyland” last time he tried to sell the house. The property was previously put on sale for 5.75 million dollars. The DJ not only put the house up for sale last year, but made it available to rent as well for an initial renting price of $25,000 but was then decreased down to $20,000. 

Harris bought the house from one of his contemporaries, Steve Angello. Angello, also a DJ and Producer, sold the house to Harris back in 2015 for approximately $5 million dollars.