UNITED STATES—There is an understandable amount of sensitivity surrounding the topic of erectile dysfunction (ED), and although it is rarely discussed in polite circles, it is nevertheless a common complaint affecting millions of men.

Those who suffer from performance problems will want to know whether there is a cure for their condition, so let’s look at the facts of the matter and the options available.

Medical treatments have a proven track record

The good news is that erectile dysfunction does not need to be a concern for most of those it afflicts, thanks to the range of medicines which target and tackle it head-on.

From branded treatments like Viagra and Cialis to generic equivalents like tadalafil, medical solutions to this conundrum are widely used today. So where can you buy tadalafil or its counterparts? Well, so long as you have a prescription from a physician, this is available online as well as at brick-and-mortar pharmacies.

Even with the efficacy of these medications being beyond doubt, it is worth pointing out that none of them are technically capable of curing ED. Rather, they provide the ability to overcome its effects for a given period of time, whether that be a few hours or a few days. Users, therefore, need to take them on an ongoing basis to see results.

There are also a handful of side effects to consider, as well as pre-existing health conditions which preclude certain patients from taking this type of medication. As such, speaking to your doctor is essential.

Lifestyle changes will lead to improvements

If you would rather not resort to prescription pills to treat ED, or you want to not be reliant on them indefinitely, then the main ways to reduce the likelihood of this condition arising involve changing your lifestyle.

For example, obesity is frequently linked with erectile dysfunction, so eating a healthier diet and getting more exercise to lose weight will also have an advantageous impact on your ability to perform in the bedroom.

Likewise, if you are a heavy user of alcohol, tobacco or even illegal substances, all of these things can contribute to a higher chance of experiencing ED. On the flip side, if you cut out these indulgences, you will be putting yourself on the path to better all-round health, and your ED could be reduced or disappear altogether.

Taking action is advisable

If you experience ED, then you might be tempted to brush it to one side and basically ignore it. This is not just a bad idea because of the harm it could do to your relationships, but also because it is often a symptom of other, more serious conditions.

ED is associated with everything from heart disease to certain cancers, so the sooner you take action to get it treated, the sooner you will be able to receive assistance with any of the other underlying issues that might be compromising your health and happiness.

So while there is unfortunately still not a complete cure for erectile dysfunction, it is also far from being untreatable. A combination of medication for immediate relief, along with lifestyle changes to bring you all sorts of benefits in the long term, will work for most people who are accosted by ED.

As a final note, erectile dysfunction may be more common in the over-45s, but it is nevertheless a disease that can occur at any point in an adult male’s life. So whatever age you might be, dealing with ED should be a priority, and it is worth pursuing even if it causes some embarrassment in the short term.