UNITED STATES—On Sunday, October 26, Candace Owens assembled the Young Black Conservatives for a rally outside The White House, before meeting with President Donald Trump.  Owens is a political activist and former Democrat and the Director of Communications at Turning Point USA, a conservative advocacy group. She has spoken at various universities across the country, with messages such as:

“Brandon Tatum works for Turing Point USA.  He got his start as a Democrat, he was voting for Bernie and he decided to go to a Trump Rally, ok?  He says…I heard this guy is a racist, I want to see it for myself.  He went to the rally and what he discovered was quite amazing. Outside of the rally, the people that were protesting…were paid protesters-believe it or not, you guys have paid protesters that pretend to be Trump supporters…to keep the themes of racism alive. I was a democrat, I was a liberal, I was the same person existing under what I refer to as ‘The Spell.’  It’s a democratic spell to make you believe that Republicans are racist. Republicans are not racist, Republicans like to move away from racism all together, but they are constantly being accused of it by Democratic leaders.”

From inside the White House, she addressed her supporters with the following message:

“At long last, BLEXIT.COM is launched!!!  The official Black Exit from the Democrat Party.  NO MORE ENSLAVED MINDS.  AMERICA FIRST.”

“Will CNN smear us as ‘token negroes’?  Or will they report accurately that the black conservative movement is here, and it’s big(?)  We love this president. We love this country. And we are here to claim our piece of the American dream.  The Democrat party is over. #MAGA,” said Owens in a social media post.